Tuesday, December 23

New Years Resolution, Part 1

So.... for pictures and to see my life updated far more often than here at The Half Eaten PB&J, check out my new co-blog keepyourloveletters.blogspot.com

Jessie and I decided to make a new years resolution to take at least a photograph a day, and to spur that on, we decided to start a blog together! Each of us will be posting a new photograph every day and eventually, I think our plan is to get into techniques and writing and all kinds of fun stuff, but we'll see what happens. So go take a look!

Monday, December 22

Coming Soon

To a theatre inside your computer screen.... Photos!

Okay I know I've been slacking on pictures but that will all soon change..... Just keep watching :)

Sunday, December 14

It never rains when you want it to

I feel completely unsettled about this year.

I look back on it and I say, "I have no clue where this year went," and I feel as though I've been so busy that I've forgotten to enjoy it. At the same time, I look at this year and see all of the things that I didn't accomplish and only see my wasted time when I was busy enjoying.

I happened to be listening to Norah Jones just now and this song was on in the background. I feel like the chorus part is a cry from my soul somedays, and other days I'm in total awe of, well, everything.

Norah Jones - Humble Me
Went out on a limb
Gone too far
Broke down at the side of the road
Stranded at the outskirts and the sun's creepin' up

Baby's in the backseat
Still fast asleep
Dreamin' of better days
I don't want to call you but you're all I have to turn to

What do you say
When it's all gone away?
Baby I didn't mean to hurt you
Truth spoke in whispers will tear you apart
No matter how hard you resist it
It never rains when you want it to

You humble me Lord
You humble me Lord
I'm on my knees empty
You humble me Lord
You humble me Lord
So please, please, please forgive me

Baby Teresa she's got your eyes
I see you all the time
When she asks about her daddy
I never know what to say

Heard you kicked the bottle
And you helped build the church
You carry an honest wage
Is it true you have someone keeping you company?

What do you say
When it's all gone away?
Baby I didn't mean to hurt you
Truth spoke in whispers will tear you apart
No matter how hard you resist it
It never rains when you want it to

You humble me Lord
You humble me Lord
I'm on my knees empty
You humble me Lord
You humble me Lord
So, please, please, forgive me
You humble me

Monday, December 8

It's just a bunch of B.A.

It's scary to make decisions that can change your life.

As many people know, I decided over the summer that I wanted to study abroad in England for my final semester as an undergraduate. I will not be doing that now. Instead, I will be attending SDSU for my final semester, and will add a Spanish Major to my degree. In the summer, I will travel to Valencia, Spain to study abroad, and will graduate in August with both a B.A. in History and a B.A. in Spanish. So that's my big news. I'm very very excited for it, and be prepared to hear more when my Christmas cards come out :)

God Bless,


Tuesday, November 25

Big Decisions

It's time for an update! I have been consistently bad at updating this month, and semester as a whole, but I vow to be better at it.

I would update what's going on in my life better at this moment, but I'm waiting until thanksgiving to announce it to the family before it goes up here. Just know, that there are lots of big decisions to be made soon, and I could really use some prayer.

Also, I can update up on my GRE scores. When I took it the first time back in October I scored a 470 on the verbal, and a 610 on the quantitative. Well those just aren't the best for me, and I wanted to take it again. So yesterday, I did, and I scored a 490 on the verbal, and a 670 on the quantitative. It's not a superior improvement, but it is an improvement, and that was what I wanted. I feel like even though it wasn't a really significant change, I did well, and I can defend these scores with the rest of my education.

Thanksgiving is coming up! Enjoy the holiday, be safe in your travels, and HAVE FUN!


Tuesday, November 11


Why does it always work this way? Something great happens, and then everything else falls to crap because you left it alone for a few days thinking it can go on with out you.

One of the rod bearings on my car is out and I'm going to have to pay to have it replaced. Let me tell you, It's not cheap.

My knee and my ankle are both out of commission on my left leg from some unknown cause but are getting better from icing and elevation.

I got an email from Britain today. History and Art courses run full year, so I can't take any of them. Meaning if I go, I can't necessarily graduate. NOT COOL.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do right now. Please pray for me.

Wednesday, October 29

Immensely Bothered

Officially, in just ONE WEEK I will be on a plane to Florida for my first visit to a graduate school. I'm slightly freaking out, mostly because of the amount of stuff I have to get done before then. Pray for my sanity, and for my strength because I seem to be getting sickly.

In other news, I'm leaving for Nebraska in just a few days for some relaxation and a home away from home to focus on things without being immensely bothered save for a two year old who generally entertains herself. I will hopefully get some time to do some shooting while I'm there, and have nice new pictures up by the end of the weekend with any hope.

Anyways, God Bless.


Thursday, October 23

A Day of Encouragement

It's times when we are lowest that it seems like no one is there to pick us up. Today, That changed. With all of the stress and extra work I've been putting in over the weeks, Today has been my reward. No, It was not a day of rest, or a well deserved pampering; It was a day of encouragement. I met with Melissa today and she reminded me of how much I've gone through in the past three years and how much I've grown. Seeing things like that makes all this work seem so much more worthwhile even though it tends to be mundane and unnecessary at times.

Plus, I got to take bunches of pictures today. Ricki and I are working together to do my portraits for Photography class, that are going to double as her pictures for a project she's doing.

Wednesday, October 22

Making the most of all 365

I have decided that to spur me to look differently at the world I live in, and the life I live, that I am going to participate in the 365 Photo Challenge. It's basically just challenging yourself to get out there and take pictures, every single day.

Today I wanted to use the One Little Word challenge for scrapbookers to inspire my photos. The word for right now is "Change," which was seemingly important as the weather fluctuated from rain, downpour, slush, snow, more snow, sleet, and back to rain. Enjoy!

Friday, October 17

Photoshop Fun!

I've really enjoyed using photoshop in class recently, and I wanted to post some of my creations here. Okay, so they're not super artistic or anything, but I'm proud of them!

Monday, October 13

Study Break!

I wish I was better at self-portraits with the camera, but I'm really not. I have a tendency to look distorted and reactionally challenged. So just imagine there's an image of me here either studying merrily... or not so merrily. Because that's what this week and past weekend has been like :)

The week of Midterms has finally arrived, and I was stupid and scheduled my GRE (Graduate Record Examination) for the same weekend! So all i'm doing right now is studying, and studying, and studying. I think i'm starting to get sick though, which leads me to prayer requests! :)

Jessie's Pregnancy - That it is continuing to go well, and that she and the baby are healthy

Opportunities to Study - Using them wisely, Not missing them, and being productive

Fair Testing - For tests that aren't skewed heavily toward something that we didn't acutally cover in the class or the book.

Relationships - With all the studying I'm doing, my friends are taking a backseat and some of them are not all to happy about it.

Safe Travel - I'm starting to get nervous about traveling and for the trip as whole.

Health - Being in a school of 17,000 students takes a serious toll on the amount of germs I'm exposed too, plus my throat's starting to get sore.

Ah, all in all, I think I'm in a good place, but prayer works, and never hurts, so Thanks!!


Sunday, October 5

Promised Photos

So these are pictures from my walkabout in photography lab. As soon as my file is set up on the server in the department, I will be able to start using photoshop to touch them up. The two I want to submit for my first assignment are the horses, and the girl with her computer.

Also, Big news. I'm about 98% fully accepted to Britain, and I will be going to Florida at the beginning of November in order to look at the graduate school in Gainesville. Keep me in your prayers. These next months are going to be HUGE.

God Bless.


Tuesday, September 30

Uncomfortably at Peace

Okay, It's official. I'm busy.

I have two papers due this next week. One in Spanish, one in Women's Lit. Neither of them are easy :( Boo. Work takes up a lot of my time, and so does homework, but, I'm relying on a great and awesome God. I'm also waiting to see what the verdict on Britain is. I'm excited, and nervous, at the same time, if I don't go, I know that God has huge things in store here in SD for me.

My confirmation at First Luth has kicked off and we have our first "large group" meeting this week. I'm excited for them to get involved.

And!, My exciting day of my week comes from my Photography class, I'm so excited to pick up my pictures today and see how they turned out from our film walkabout last week. Once I get them today, I'll post some up here for ya'll to see :)

Love, God Bless.


Tuesday, September 9

An Expensive Month

I've made my way into the first semester successfully, and I am starting at Mission, well, today! I also started my Photography class this morning, and I am excited to dig into the projects and taking pictures, so expect many to come on here, as well as Facebook, and MySpace.

In the process of examining the things that I need to take care of, I'm realizing why God provided me with extra money. I need to do general maintenance on my car, and a lot of it. I also need to *hopefully* get myself a new camera, as well as a second external hard drive. It's going to be an expensive month, but I feel like it will be a good month to do so.

Everything else seems to be going well also, Pray for safe travels to and around the Twin Cities this weekend as I'm going home for a wedding, and keep Kris and Eric in your prayers as well as they start their life together with their upcoming nuptials.

God Bless


Thursday, August 28

At least a glimpse

The Lord Provides. I have been so stressed about money, and making ends meet the past few years, and now I see at least a glimpse of what God has planned for me. He has provided government financial aid, that yes, I am going to have to pay off, but still, I am making ends meet in the black for once, AND getting a refund check :D God is good.

Keep my attitude in your prayers, especially while I am going into this year with new roommates and with new distance. Also, I am in the process of searching for a job, one that actually might maybe apply toward something I've learned this year rather than just playing with food and coffee some more. Not to say that I don't like it, but it just doesn't apply. Also, prayers for safe travels as I am traveling to Duluth, MN this weekend to see a friend that I haven't seen in a few years.

God Bless.


Wednesday, August 20

Once I Go Back


I feel like I need to follow the previous sentence with, "Ahoy Matey!" And then I change my mind. So anyways, the night is not so young and I cannot sleep. I've been thinking a lot about where I've been this summer and where I've grown. I've also thought a lot about who God has intended me to be, and what he wants to use me for. Not to mention that I'm angry at him, and very, very confused.

God very graciously blessed me with a lot of government provided financial aid, then took away the job that I had lined up for this semester. And now I'm left wondering what I'm supposed to do once I go back on monday. I know my head is somewhere else entirely, and my heart just isn't in it, but I just want to know that I'm safe. I just want to know and rely upon a God who is bigger than all of this. I know with His help, I can do it. I just need to be reminded everyonce in a while.

Prayers would be amazing about this situation, as well as for my travels over the next week or so, that there be no problems with moving, and that my spirits be lifted over the next few days. Thanks ya'll! Love.


Wednesday, August 13

In addition;

It's Official. I am in the last week of camp.

It has been an amazing summer. And it hasn't stopped here. God is teaching me so much about what Beauty really is, and about what being feminine actually means. I am so in love with Him and all that He has to show me. This year is going to be great. God has huge plans in store for Brookings this year, and I am excited to be a part of this. I just have to sit back and let him use me. *Joyful Sigh*

In addition; I have completed my Britain application and I am only in need of my transcript before I can submit it. Keep me in your prayers!

Also, a good friend of mine from Brookings just hurt her ankle and has a full schedule right now, so pray for quick healing as well as much needed rest. One more: A former coworker and good friend just had a baby: Praise God!!! :) Enjoy your week.

Love and God Bless


Sunday, August 3

Chillier Months

So the summer is drawing to a close, but I am excited to talk to many of my "friends" again. I feel like I got totally abandoned by most of them, save for a few. I could be reading the situation all wrong, but I'm excited at least to get back to the friends that I know are here for me and want to spend time with me. I'm also excited to step out into a world that desperately needs JC and proclaim his name. What will tomorrow bring? I don't know. But am I excited for it? yes!!!

The only thing stopping me right now is crappy congestion that at the moment is draining from my head to my chest. Going from super humid to A/C all the time is killing most of the staff, and I happened to have been the next target. It doesn't help that I was speaking for almost four hours yesterday; Sweet Quilt Auction Goodness!!!

Which leads me to my next topic. Quilts! We raised about $50,000 yesterday. and $530 of that was from me! I bought three quilts, so if you get one from me sometime in the next year, the money went to a great cause! Also, I got one for myself (spent way too much money on it) but it was worth every penny. I cuddled up to it last night, and it really did feel wonderful. I'm excited for chillier months so I can wrap up with it more often.

As for chillier months; I have received word that my last reference letter for Britain is in the mail and should arrive this week, which means I CAN APPLY FOR BRITAIN FINALLY!!! As many of you know, this has been something that I have been incredibly excited about since I found out about the oppportunity back in April. Keep this is your prayers please!

Also, be praying for a friend of mine who's father was in a car accident. As well as the ministry that's going on here for the next two weeks, and for plans of staff afterwards.

Friday, July 25

Moving On

I know it's been quite a bit since the last post, but some things have been going on here that are really heartbreaking for me. I feel like I can't even be myself right now. It's incredibly frustrating. I am happy that I have great friends around here and people who want to support me and what is going on here. Pray please, for continued unity, positive choices, and the God is working in his life as he returns to Michigan.

Other news:

I HAVE A PHONE AGAIN! Please call me and text me and other things! I am SUPER excited to hear from all of you again. I have missed you. God Bless and Take Care!


Sunday, July 13

Fried Phone

Good July Everybody!

It has been a busy few weeks here at Okoboji and I apologize for my lack of posts! This past week I was on a day camp in Brookings, SD where I attend school, and had a blast. And this coming week I will be on-site here at Okoboji for a week of only 50 campers. Keep the counselors in your prayers (here, Ingham, and day camps)!

Other news, I have fried my phone but will soon have a new one; Hopefully. Wish me luck. Enjoy your week and expect more posts soon!



Friday, June 27

Pizza is delicious.

FREEDOM! It's the weekend, and we're going to go see the movie Wall-E that just came out, and I AM PSYCHED!!! What a day. It has been stressful and fun. Our program director's birthday was today, so a bunch of us went out for pizza. It was a decent crust with a mix of red and white sauces, topped with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, goat cheese, and olive oil. It was so tasty! Anyways, enjoy your evening/weekend. Hopefully I will be blogging again soon!

Thursday, June 26

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Support is amazing and confusing all at the same time. As the week has progressed I've been involved in all parts of the kitchen, just like I was used to at the last camp! I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to be somewhere comfortable in a new location, just because I am now beginning to feel like things here are not so different. Yes, worship is still strange, and campfire is still weird, and I'm just not used to the mime at all, but things are beginning to grow on me.

Also, I've been reading this amazing book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, written by Joshua Harris. It's about how, as believers, we should move away from the secular dating scene and into a type of dating with God as the central focus. One of the analogies that he uses in the book is just amazing. He relates a Christian in the ways of secular dating to a recovering alcoholic hanging out in a bar. It's the same because of the draw to temptation. As believers, God calls us to run from temptation, and to follow Him, but if we put ourselves intentionally in the paths of temptation, like placing a recovering alcoholic in a bar, the temptation becomes harder to run from, and we begin to find ourselves walking as dangerously close to the line as possible, and even crossing it.

The greatest thing about being here this week, on support, is the immense amount of time to think. Kitchen work for me is mainly mindless. Put this here, wipe this off, cook this, etc. etc. But that allows me time to process the events occurring around me, as well as the things that I'm reading, or the things that I am thinking about.

Oh, one final bit of AMAZING news. I received my first letter of recommendation back from a professor for my trip to Britain! Keep this in your prayers please, as the application process will begin once I have received the second letter of recommendation and send it off, back to South Dakota.

Sorry for such a long post! Enjoy the week!


Saturday, June 21


I'm finally home, and I'm finally enjoying relaxation! Brian, Cassie, Courtney, and Tyler came up with me. Brian is grilling up some habanero and teryaki burgers before we head out to the beach. Then I think that we're off to do some shopping, sandals, fire pit, etc. I'm psyched to see friends and get some things done :) I'm working in the camp kitchen next week, and I'm really excited to get to know our support staff and be able to work with them. It should be an awesome time. It's also our first family camp of the summer.

I have to ask for prayer again though. As a staff we are the core of the camp centered on God and kids. When even one of us is being attacked, the entire staff feels the pull. Pray for unity, and acceptance within the staff, as well as within families and campers.


Tuesday, June 17


Alright, So this week I am on-site here at Okoboji. I'll update you on what's been going on with some fun little sidenotes here and there!

Welcome/Campers Arrive/Meet and Greet - Received 8 Campers.
Dinner - mmmmm tasty, hot diggity dogs & received 2 more campers.
Chapel - Welcome, Rules, & Counselor Musical? (We sang "A whole new world")
Devos - Esther, and the beauty pageant of the bible
Night Night :)

Staff Meeting - My devo on unity and Christ-like attitudes (Phillipians 2:1-18)
Chapel - Skits and Music and Message
Bible Study - Way off topic **PRAY**
Quiet Time
Free Time - Woot for flipping in a canoe, and chillin at the store
Aquamania - Kingdom, Queen, and Quest
Staff Talent Show - Skits and the Stitch voice
Campfire - Songs!
Devos - Favor (yay)
Put Ya Head In Da Bed

Staff Meeting - Mmmm Fruit Snacks
Cabin Cleaning
Chapel - Yea for skits and songs and Jon's awesome message
Bible Study - The cross illustration ~ Thanks Navs!
Quiet Time
Lunch - Mmmm Sloppy Jo's!
Freetime - Here and Now!

Yay, so it's free time now and I'm just chillaxin, check up on my email and my mail, and my miniature attention span. Prepping for bible study and activities for the rest of the week. I'm incredibly excited to really get to know these girls so if you could pray for us and our connection, it would be appreciated. Thanks Muchly!!!!


Quick Post

This week is crazy! Pray for attention spans, and the words coming out of my mouth! I will update later!


Thursday, June 12

Encouraging You

As I'm here, I am a representation of not only God at all times, but OLBC as well. I encourage you to pass on to anyone who you believe would even be slightly interested to this website ( http://www.okoboji.org/Family/ ). We worry too much about who we appear to be to the world around us, saying I'm not good enough, I won't fit it, but as this goes, we as believers are called to have fellowship together, and come to Christ. So please consider it! All ages are welcomed, and many weeks still have openings. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Tuesday, June 10


Ahh! It's mid-week, and I am continuing to ask for prayer! Pray for ministry (both here at daycamps, and on-site), Pray for rest and energy, Pray for attention and focus (both campers and counselors), and Pray for open eyes and open hearts. And then, when you're done praying. Check out the story of Gideon.



Sunday, June 8

Specialty Post

So this is a specialty post for this week. I'm heading out to Spencer in a little under three hours, and I have recently gotten wind that there may be some problems at our sister camp, Riverside. Iowa has been receiving a lot of rain this past week, and as lakes and rivers are rising, we are now hearing that the camp is slowly going underwater. They have cars underwater, their chapel is flooded and they are cancelling their first week of camp, but still sending out day camp staff. PLEASE, keep them in your prayers; their staff staying, their staff going out, the campers, the electrical system, the volunteers helping, the weather. All prayers are appreciated!! As news comes to us, I will hopefully keep you posted!


Saturday, June 7

First Week of Camp

It's Official! I am going to Spencer, IA for the first week of camp. I will be on a day camp with five or six other people, and staying in a host home. Pray that all will go well, and we can not only minister to these kids, but also the families that we are staying with. Also remember the counselors still here ministering to kids, and other groups out in Sibley, IA, Emerson, NE, and Rock Valley, IA.

Also, Just to spur some action, I LOVE MAIL!!! and to influence you even more, I will not have my computer this coming week, and there is a good chance that I will only have one blog during the week.

Take Care :)


Friday, June 6

Assuming that I'm heading on

Ah. First week starts on Sunday! Staff training is over and I am sort of excited to get into the week. I'm nervous and weary, at the same time, I'm filled with spirit. I will know later today what exactly that I am doing for my first week, but I actually am assuming that I'm heading on a day camp? Just because we were given our day camp nametages in our mail boxes. Who knows though. God has a plan! Pray.


Thursday, June 5


Alright! The second week is coming to an end. Ingham staff is leaving us as group for the last time, and news is flying through my atmosphere from everywhere. To let those of you that have asked about Britain know, I have not recieved my recommendations back yet, and my application is "paused" until all parts are recieved because they must be sent as one package. So pray for speedy return, and words of worth as well as positivity.

Continued prayer requests are for unity as a staff now that we have junior counselors here, as well as within the women where some cliques are now starting to form. Also the campers, as the summer kicks off, that the Lord is preparing their hearts and minds for the messages he has for them; especially Confirmation campers as that is our group for the first week of summer starting sunday.

New prayer requests brought to me recently have been, praise for my "little brother's" graduation! Shannon recently graduated with many honors from his high school and will be moving on to university soon. So pray for him as he's entering the world of higher education, lol. Also, a very close friend of mine's cousin is struggling through suicide, and is currently on three days of no visitation in the hospital from his most recent attempt. So pray for his family as they're struggling, as well as for him, and the doctors as they are working with him.

Camp news! we had our staff banquet last night and got fanciy-ified. then campfire and the "mime." Mime is essentially a really really long human video. For a good example, here is a human video with the song Everything by Lifehouse:



Wednesday, June 4

Review of Confirmation

Sweet. The week is coming to an end and I finally feel like this is real. A week and a half into it. Blah! LOL. The world goes on and Christ is with us. We had a lutheran perspective speaker today and it was like a review of confirmation. The only downside? I was drawn to be homesick and miss my friends. Blech. <3 you all.

Monday, June 2





These are more of our photo scavenger hunt images. Plus an image of myself and Megan
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Okoboji Outing of Outrageousness





A bit of a delayed post, we had a photo scavenger hunt as our Okoboji Outing of Outrageousness on Thursday afternoon before we took the night off. The pictures up here are some of the challenges we faced. We visited the Arnold's Park area, specifically the amusement park (which to our dismay was not open) but it was awesome and fun to just hang out.
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Sunday, June 1

Another Couple of Groups

So I haven't kept up the best on doing my blog this week but it has been a busy weekend/week. We finished up all of our plans for the summer. All the bible studies, skits, and activities are composed. Riverside camp left us on Friday, and Ingham left us on Saturday. Friday night we had a free night and a bunch of us watched National Treasure 2 up in the chapel and another couple of groups went to see Indiana Jones, Baby Mama, or Sex and the City. The adventures were fun, and then I got to laugh at the people playing dodgeball, which seems to be popular this summer.

I'm super excited for campers to get here in a week, but for now, the Junior Couselors (JC's) arrived yesterday and I'm still anxious to get to know them. Keep us in your prayers as we come together as a staff in the next week, and as the campers come in the future weeks. We are overly anxious to get our hands dirty and to just be working for God. Love.


Wednesday, May 28

What we're here to do

Insanity is ensuing. Not really. I'm actually really excited that we're almost done with Thursday! We've got our theme verse (2 Corinthians 3:18b) set to the tune of the limbo song, we're about 2/3 done with our bible study, and our chapel skit is finished, but our campfire skit is still in the works. Pray that the decisions we've made will change lives; because that's what we're here to do!

Oh, and I got new shirts at the "camp store" because I need Okoboji shirts to replace my Lebanon shirts :)

More later hopefully?


Tuesday, May 27

Sweet Chicken

Inspired by the random conversations of the staff lounge; we begin.
Everything is kicking off as we begin to plan the days of the week that will be executed at all three camps throughout the summer. I've been assigned to Thursday with an outstanding group of people to create two skits, a bible study, and the morning chapel setup. We're focusing in on how God transforms us, physically, spiritually, etc. and we have had some really good ideas just from brainstorming this morning. I will update more tonight about what goes on this afternoon.

Since being at camp (three days now or so, lol) I've had a hard time sleeping, and have been struggling with what to study in my own time alone with God. Previously, I've been working my way through the 1 Corinthians 13 verses on perfect love, and not getting all the way through it, i have surprisingly felt unwilling, or unwanting, to continue in it for now. In high school, I read a book with a group of people concerning the story of Esther, and am returning to it, to see what I can rekindle. Reading through Esther this morning was like reading a gripping story, making things come together like a good fairytale. I encourage any of you women to read it, and to pick up the book For Such A Time As This. Love and Awkward Confusion?


Monday, May 26


Things are finally truly underway here and they are EXCITING! I honestly am crazy about getting things together, writing bible studies, making skits, etc. etc. and being a part of the ministry here. Keep planning in your prayers as the days continue.

As promised, I am going to now blog about googlable (sp?). We had a converation the other day pondering the use of google for a phrase such as googlable:

"Is the word Googlable googlable?"

Wonderful. Joyous jokes already.

Prayer Requests:
Group Unity
Continued time together
Small Spaces

Oh. Sidenote. Britian application is on it's way to being completed. I'm so excited!!!


Sunday, May 25

Crammed in like Sardines!

I'm at camp!
I'm at camp!

Okay, So it's finally official but I'm learning a lot of situational things that I wasn't counting on. Like living in a TINY room with 9 other girls and NO storage space. I should have figured, right? Oh well, It's all about the experience! I'm incredibly excited to be here and to begin working with the materials we're going to use for the summer. We really have just spent most of our time getting settled in and less of our time actually planning, but that is very soon to come. We have another camp that is arriving in just over 1/2 hour and already we're crammed in like sardines. Yay Camp!

As for other news, I still don't know anything about people coming to visit. But I do know that the camp holds a worship service and then hosts a really tasty brunch afterwards for the surrounding community. I was very priviledged and excited to meet some of our neighbors and their visitors. Okoboji is blessed to be in such an area with such a supportive community around us.

Summer is panning out slowly, and it still doesn't feel real yet. I'm really excited to meet everyone, I've already made "new friends" and building relationships with people I knew before. I will hopefully soon have my computer back so that I can be doing blogs daily, but for now I will leave you with some questions on the Kingdom.

What is God's Kingdom??
How do you receive God's Kingdom??
Who is the King??
What does the King do for us??

Now I'm not digging for the average bible school answer here. We're all adults and we can all participate with original input. I encourage you to visit Psalm 145:13 to see our theme verse, and also to view the entirety of Psalm 150 (just for kicks and giggles.) Love!! Have a good weekend!!


Friday, May 23

Still Packing

Ah. I leave tomorrow. Well, later this morning really. I'm excited, and nervous cause I'm still packing. I haven't blogged near as much as I'd like to, but it's all working out in my head. Hopefully, a.s.a.p. I can set up a series of blogs to come up during the week when I'm working. I'm exhausted and still finishing packing though, so I'm off for a nap! Have a wonderful Memorial weekend!


Wednesday, May 21

Thinking Ahead

I am not thinking about camp right now. I am thinking about school, and how excitingly promising the next year looks. The final year looks! At current moment I am going to be taking these classes in the fall:

Spanish Linguistics
Women in Literature
Renaissance & Reformation (History)
Contemporary Europe (History)
Introduction to Photography/Intro Lab

It's amazing to me that I'm only enrolled in 14 credits and I am LOVING it so much. Ha. The spanish class and the photo class are the ones I am most excited about. If I can get ahold of the pictures I took of Liberty and Jessie in Nebraska I will most definitely post them soon. As for second semester of next year, I'm going to apply for a study abroad in Manchester, England. Pray! I cannot do it alone, Lol.


Resting on the Promise

Swimsuits have been found. Shorts have been purchased. Life is less stressful. I'm still resting on the promise of an everlasting kingdom, and that is a serious comfort.

I'm so happy for all of your well wishings for the summer and I want to ask you all to pray for a few things:

1) Campers - Understanding of the concepts, desire to learn, fun and safety.
2) Staff - Cohesiveness, depth, desire to lead, words, stamina.
3) Parents - Nuturing faith (before, after, and during), growth, understanding.
4) Churches & Communities - Nurturing faith, building, future endeavors.

It would be incredibly appreciated if all of you could keep these in your prayers throughout the summer. Anything I can pray for you about???


Tuesday, May 20

The Hunt Is On....

And I am soon to be the victim. Fashion victim that is. I have theorized that unless you are a supermodel and you know you look great in spandex, it was not made to flatter anyone! So as my search for not only one, but two one-piece swimsuits before the summer begins, I am flabbergasted at it's impossibility. Blah. I shall find one.

Anyways, onto more pressing news. Camp's theme for the summer is Kingdom Come. We are exploring the verse Psalm 145:13:

"For Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. You rule throughout all generations. The LORD always keeps His promises; He is gracious in all He does."

I think it's an awesome verse to use to base this summer on. It brings a lot of hope to the table, and allows for room and growth in the promises listed; First being an everlasting kingdom.

How amazing to think that no matter the earthly destruction, no matter our sin, no matter our unworthiness, the Kingdom always exists. Always has, Always will. Nothing can destroy that. What a comforting thought to sleep on.

Goodnight All! Pleasant Dreams,


Monday, May 19

Changes and Summer Functionality

Formerly, this has been a political blog, with occasional tidbits intermixed. (I still totally want you to read my random chaos if you'd like!) As the semester came to an end, changes are being made and new ideas and plans are surfacing. In the fast coming future, I will be counseling at Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp and am super excited for the coming weeks of summer. I plan to schedule postings of what the camp plans are for the week, what we're discussing, and things that happen during the week. That's the plan at least. Hopefully, all goes according to actual plan and I can schedule the posts during the week.

I will "live update" every weekend hopefully; events, quotes, amazing moments, etc. and I want to keep all of you involved in my life over the summer. I will also read my comments as often as possible, and I'd encourage all of you to start a blog of your own. If you do, let me know and I'd love to keep up with you!

To my knowledge, my phone use is limited to weekends, and I will hopefully be in touch then. Because my phone will be off during the week, leave a message to make me smile.

One last thing, I'm planning on adding pictures whenever I can, so if you see a picture you'd like a copy of, email me or leave me a comment and I'll hopefully mail one off to you asap!

Keep Reading, and Keep in Touch!