Sunday, June 1

Another Couple of Groups

So I haven't kept up the best on doing my blog this week but it has been a busy weekend/week. We finished up all of our plans for the summer. All the bible studies, skits, and activities are composed. Riverside camp left us on Friday, and Ingham left us on Saturday. Friday night we had a free night and a bunch of us watched National Treasure 2 up in the chapel and another couple of groups went to see Indiana Jones, Baby Mama, or Sex and the City. The adventures were fun, and then I got to laugh at the people playing dodgeball, which seems to be popular this summer.

I'm super excited for campers to get here in a week, but for now, the Junior Couselors (JC's) arrived yesterday and I'm still anxious to get to know them. Keep us in your prayers as we come together as a staff in the next week, and as the campers come in the future weeks. We are overly anxious to get our hands dirty and to just be working for God. Love.


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