Monday, October 13

Study Break!

I wish I was better at self-portraits with the camera, but I'm really not. I have a tendency to look distorted and reactionally challenged. So just imagine there's an image of me here either studying merrily... or not so merrily. Because that's what this week and past weekend has been like :)

The week of Midterms has finally arrived, and I was stupid and scheduled my GRE (Graduate Record Examination) for the same weekend! So all i'm doing right now is studying, and studying, and studying. I think i'm starting to get sick though, which leads me to prayer requests! :)

Jessie's Pregnancy - That it is continuing to go well, and that she and the baby are healthy

Opportunities to Study - Using them wisely, Not missing them, and being productive

Fair Testing - For tests that aren't skewed heavily toward something that we didn't acutally cover in the class or the book.

Relationships - With all the studying I'm doing, my friends are taking a backseat and some of them are not all to happy about it.

Safe Travel - I'm starting to get nervous about traveling and for the trip as whole.

Health - Being in a school of 17,000 students takes a serious toll on the amount of germs I'm exposed too, plus my throat's starting to get sore.

Ah, all in all, I think I'm in a good place, but prayer works, and never hurts, so Thanks!!


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