Thursday, May 27

Memorial Day Weekend Plans, and an Update!

Alright, so, to some, Project 52 would be a failure so far. But to me, It’s a challenge for some reason to take on bigger and better projects!
I know.
I’m crazy.
But here’s the project plan recap and update…
Project #1 – Camera Case
Project #2 – Make Up Brush Roll
Project #3 – First Digi-Scrap Kit (Full Kit, Add-On, Word Art, and Quick Page)
Project #4 – Women’s Retreat
Project #5 – Cookbook
Project #7 – Julie’s Skirt (Soon to be posted!)
Project #10 – Takara’s Wedding Shower Invitations (Keep your eyes peeled for this!)
Project #11 – Moving Day (You may have to wait a bit, but it will be worth it!)
Project #12 – Hint: It will get used most often on trips :)
In the meantime, while you’re waiting for all that project-y goodness, Jenasis Design is having a HUGE SALE this weekend for Memorial Day!!
Check out this awesome sale HERE!!!

AND!!! I will get to once again participate in a speed scrap! This Saturday at 3pm CST, Growing Pains, Scrapped! is hosting over at STS…

STS Speed Scrap Template copyGPS_Creative template set 3 preview

Saturday, May 8

A Feeling of Relief

It’s dawning on me as I lay in bed right now, at 11:30pm, that I am now 21. I have a job. I have applied to seminary. I have travelled out of the country. I have lived.

I threw away/recycled a bunch of old papers from classes that I’ll never refer to, I won’t miss, and I can spend time scouring the internet for if I really need. The weight of that is so powerful for me, and I didn’t even realize it until after it was finished. School has always been a source of comfort, stress, appreciation, and anxiety, all at once. At least for me anyways. But it’s ultimately been a way for me to hide from everyone else in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in education, and the amazing things that it can do in someone’s life. It’s just that, for me, school kept me from experiencing God at times.

I don’t mean that He wasn’t present with me, but it was more like I spent a lot of time sitting at my desk, with Him on the bed saying, “Come spend time with me!” and me going, “Once this ______________ is finished, then I will.”

Welcome to my education.

What I didn’t realize as I was getting rid of all of these notes, was that I’ve been delivered from that. The fact that I was letting all of this go, means that I’ve actually given myself over to trusting that God will follow through with seminary, or whatever other plan that He has. It’s an interesting relief.

Wednesday, May 5

More things I wish I had photos of…

God is good. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and though there are still a lot of issues to deal with and trials to face, He has been faithful throughout everything, even when I have doubted and strayed.

First of all, I LOVE that He makes me happy when I’m having a crappy day. I stand by the fact that God put this little incident on earth just for me to see. I pulled up to one of the intersections on campus, and on this little patch of grass kiddie corner to my car, I had the pleasant opportunity to giggle and watch as a very livid bunny rabbit chased a crow around. Whenever the crow intended to land, the bunny was right there to chase him off, defending his territory. It was just a really great moment when I was having a stressful morning.

Then this afternoon, I had a phone interview with the woman that might be my future distance learning coordinator from one of the seminaries that I’m applying to. It was a great conversation, and at the end of it all, she let me know that I will be considered as a highly recommended candidate for the program!

We’ll see! I’m still praying, I’m still learning to rely upon His grace and goodness and understand that He knows best for me. But above it all He has been so faithful and steadfast to care for me, even when I don’t realize I need it. Ahhh :)

Tuesday, May 4

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeeeeee, happy birthday to me!

Okay, not yet, but here’s what I would like to be doing on my birthday. I instead, will be at a Spanish literature final. Lovely.

May 6 Speed ScrapJFYDS_D&D_AddOn PReview 

This kit is fantastic, probably because its our college colors and graduation is just a few short days away! I’m psyched!!

Sunday, May 2

Project #9

Okay, so this project is nearly identical to project #8, but the steps it took to get there were incredibly different! The middle school drama group and church worked with Julie and I to put together this:

Forgive the shaky camera, but if you’ve seen the “original” you’ll notice the changes we made! We really wanted the kids to have the opportunity to make it their own, and we had a ton of kids (12!) to organize and give parts to. They did a great job, I’m so proud of all their hard work and their willingness to get up in front of their peers at confirmation and the whole congregation at our Sunday service. Ahhh, I can’t get over how good they did!

Project #8

Candice came to me early this semester and asked me to lead something along the lines of the Lifehouse skit set to the song, “Everything.” Well, we got started! We decided to do that skit specifically because it fit with the themes we were going to be addressing at IV in the coming weeks. So I present to you…. SDSU Intervarsity Chapter Drama Team

Okay, I know the video quality kinda bites, but I actually really like the silhouetted effect. It was kind of a “you had to be there” moment. But honestly, these guys were FANTASTIC! They were wonderful to work with, they worked hard, and they put their heart and soul into this night.