Wednesday, October 29

Immensely Bothered

Officially, in just ONE WEEK I will be on a plane to Florida for my first visit to a graduate school. I'm slightly freaking out, mostly because of the amount of stuff I have to get done before then. Pray for my sanity, and for my strength because I seem to be getting sickly.

In other news, I'm leaving for Nebraska in just a few days for some relaxation and a home away from home to focus on things without being immensely bothered save for a two year old who generally entertains herself. I will hopefully get some time to do some shooting while I'm there, and have nice new pictures up by the end of the weekend with any hope.

Anyways, God Bless.


Thursday, October 23

A Day of Encouragement

It's times when we are lowest that it seems like no one is there to pick us up. Today, That changed. With all of the stress and extra work I've been putting in over the weeks, Today has been my reward. No, It was not a day of rest, or a well deserved pampering; It was a day of encouragement. I met with Melissa today and she reminded me of how much I've gone through in the past three years and how much I've grown. Seeing things like that makes all this work seem so much more worthwhile even though it tends to be mundane and unnecessary at times.

Plus, I got to take bunches of pictures today. Ricki and I are working together to do my portraits for Photography class, that are going to double as her pictures for a project she's doing.

Wednesday, October 22

Making the most of all 365

I have decided that to spur me to look differently at the world I live in, and the life I live, that I am going to participate in the 365 Photo Challenge. It's basically just challenging yourself to get out there and take pictures, every single day.

Today I wanted to use the One Little Word challenge for scrapbookers to inspire my photos. The word for right now is "Change," which was seemingly important as the weather fluctuated from rain, downpour, slush, snow, more snow, sleet, and back to rain. Enjoy!

Friday, October 17

Photoshop Fun!

I've really enjoyed using photoshop in class recently, and I wanted to post some of my creations here. Okay, so they're not super artistic or anything, but I'm proud of them!

Monday, October 13

Study Break!

I wish I was better at self-portraits with the camera, but I'm really not. I have a tendency to look distorted and reactionally challenged. So just imagine there's an image of me here either studying merrily... or not so merrily. Because that's what this week and past weekend has been like :)

The week of Midterms has finally arrived, and I was stupid and scheduled my GRE (Graduate Record Examination) for the same weekend! So all i'm doing right now is studying, and studying, and studying. I think i'm starting to get sick though, which leads me to prayer requests! :)

Jessie's Pregnancy - That it is continuing to go well, and that she and the baby are healthy

Opportunities to Study - Using them wisely, Not missing them, and being productive

Fair Testing - For tests that aren't skewed heavily toward something that we didn't acutally cover in the class or the book.

Relationships - With all the studying I'm doing, my friends are taking a backseat and some of them are not all to happy about it.

Safe Travel - I'm starting to get nervous about traveling and for the trip as whole.

Health - Being in a school of 17,000 students takes a serious toll on the amount of germs I'm exposed too, plus my throat's starting to get sore.

Ah, all in all, I think I'm in a good place, but prayer works, and never hurts, so Thanks!!


Sunday, October 5

Promised Photos

So these are pictures from my walkabout in photography lab. As soon as my file is set up on the server in the department, I will be able to start using photoshop to touch them up. The two I want to submit for my first assignment are the horses, and the girl with her computer.

Also, Big news. I'm about 98% fully accepted to Britain, and I will be going to Florida at the beginning of November in order to look at the graduate school in Gainesville. Keep me in your prayers. These next months are going to be HUGE.

God Bless.