Saturday, July 18

Getting Up to Speed

Well, It's official. Reverse culture shock has taken it's toll on me. Not driving for two months can have an affect on one's "lead-footed-ness." Oh well, it is what it is. Anyways, the irony in the entirety of the situation for me is that I feel like that's all I'm doing right now, is trying to gather everything that's gone on since I last left a location, and realizing how different things truly were abroad, and sometimes, how the same they are.

God has been good the last few days. He's always good, obviously, but has been specifically showing me grace. Yea, yea, "Lutherans and their Grace," I know. But in reality, it's been learning how to live in His grace, instead of attempting to "earn" it. And there is the irony right there, because as believers we spend so much time trying to earn something that by definition cannot be earned, because it is undeserved, unmerited favor.

So what's next? Some people come to this realization and think, "Hey! I can sin all I want because I have grace." Not where I'm going with this. I'm talking about being okay with grace. Taking one step away from trying to deserve it, and one step towards basking in it. God is good, accept the goodness.



Wednesday, July 15

Mini-Wheats Commercial

Hello America!

I'm back, it's different. Everyone talks about reverse culture shock, and I think right now it's just more, shock (and even then, less about the culture, more about God).

He revealed some really interesting things to me on a long ride home, mostly about His majesty, and His size. Curtis this past week at El Lokal gave his lesson on how God is science, and the existance of God through Einstein's comparison of Light and the theory of relativity. It was super interesting.

I'm not a huge science person, I don't understand the whole thing in any great depth, but it was an awesome lesson, a lot of parallels that I've drawn about God were affirmed and one of the things Curtis said stuck with me and I've been chewing on it this week.

God is multi-dimensional. Yea, yea, "of course He is." But I'm talking, beyond what we can fathom!!! When we were coming in to land in Minneapolis, God made that super apparent to me. We were inbetween two layers of clouds, and there was one more above and one more below, and I started to think about how the layers of clouds are set up, and how hard, from earth, it is to tell what layer is what on a cloudy day. So the experience of being between them, wow, it was absolutely amazing.

God has been revealing a lot of layers to me lately. Layers in myself, in my relationships, in my abilities, in Himself, in how He creates, in how He loves. It's astounding.

I pray that you are resting in God's many layers. (hmmm, sounds like a Mini-Wheats commercial).