Friday, June 27

Pizza is delicious.

FREEDOM! It's the weekend, and we're going to go see the movie Wall-E that just came out, and I AM PSYCHED!!! What a day. It has been stressful and fun. Our program director's birthday was today, so a bunch of us went out for pizza. It was a decent crust with a mix of red and white sauces, topped with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, goat cheese, and olive oil. It was so tasty! Anyways, enjoy your evening/weekend. Hopefully I will be blogging again soon!

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  1. I wanna see Wall-E! I'm so jealous. I see like two new movies a year and you just go...Damn babies :) Eric included of course. The book you wrote about in your earlier post sounds like something I should have read a long time ago. So have you decided to stop dating or was your post just a play on his title?
    Later babe.
    Love you always!

    oh and I will try really hard to get your package out tomorrow. Stupid post office is making me pay to have it sent a second time. How dumb is that. I paid for it the first time. It's not my fault their delivery guy is an idiot...*breath*... I'm good. Love you so much hun. I really hope your second recomendation letter comes soon.