Friday, July 25

Moving On

I know it's been quite a bit since the last post, but some things have been going on here that are really heartbreaking for me. I feel like I can't even be myself right now. It's incredibly frustrating. I am happy that I have great friends around here and people who want to support me and what is going on here. Pray please, for continued unity, positive choices, and the God is working in his life as he returns to Michigan.

Other news:

I HAVE A PHONE AGAIN! Please call me and text me and other things! I am SUPER excited to hear from all of you again. I have missed you. God Bless and Take Care!


1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you have a phone again. I need to talk to you so bad. My doctors appointment on Monday(tomorrow) is at 10:45. I really want to talk to you after but I'm sure you'll be busy during the day. I will call and leave you a message. You can call me when you're ready.
    I love you babe