Tuesday, September 9

An Expensive Month

I've made my way into the first semester successfully, and I am starting at Mission, well, today! I also started my Photography class this morning, and I am excited to dig into the projects and taking pictures, so expect many to come on here, as well as Facebook, and MySpace.

In the process of examining the things that I need to take care of, I'm realizing why God provided me with extra money. I need to do general maintenance on my car, and a lot of it. I also need to *hopefully* get myself a new camera, as well as a second external hard drive. It's going to be an expensive month, but I feel like it will be a good month to do so.

Everything else seems to be going well also, Pray for safe travels to and around the Twin Cities this weekend as I'm going home for a wedding, and keep Kris and Eric in your prayers as well as they start their life together with their upcoming nuptials.

God Bless


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