Tuesday, September 15

A Bunch of Bowling Balls

One month after saying I'm going to be a good blogger, here I am. It's been a bit crazy though. School became an issue, then there was the moving, and the starting of the problematic school, etc., etc., etc. Oh well.

I've been wondering lately about why things happen in my life. I know there is a purpose in these things, because I've seen other confusing things come to an end and have purpose. But I must be in the middle of these new ones, and I feel so eager to get to the end of them just so that the lesson will be learned. Who knows...?

God and I have butted heads a bit lately. Not to say that He hasn't been reaching out to me, or teaching me things, but more that the things I am getting from Him haven't exactly been easy to handle all at once. Much of me feel like I'm trying to hold a bunch of bowling balls all at the same time. I'm working to release those, to give them to Him, but I haven't quite figured out just how to get onto my knees yet while holding all these things. Part of me feels the overwhelming desire to be both the father and the son in the story of the prodigal. I want to run to Him, and drop everything to do it, yet I'm completely wrapped up in what to say to Him to make Him take me back.

And yet, as I type that, I realize there's nothing I can say to Him to be taken back, He's already welcoming and receiving me. He is the Father, and I am His daughter. Without question, He never rejected me in the first place, I've only created that illusion within myself. No wall exists there physically, just in my mind, and mine alone.

Saturday, August 15

Get Up and Move

I have officially failed at being a good blogger. Do you forgive me blog-world? I read you daily, and long to come up with clever and witty posts like many other bloggers out there, but am usually filled with laziness and other things to do. Can we start over?


What has God been teaching me, you ask?

Well, That He is HUGE. That He is Important. That I don't rely enough upon Him.
I've been listening to Generation Church Podcasts (which you can find here) especially the older ones from Judah Smith. And one of the ones (sorry I can't remember which, I'll update later and let you know) talks about how much of our faith depends on us. How much WE can do. How much WE can give up. And it reminds me how many of the sentences I hear and say everyday that start with "I"... But what about you? Or Him? Or Her? What about everyone else? When do we start living out verses like John 15:13, "There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."

When? When it's convenient? When it's easy? When it's fun?

Why not today? My issue lately has been that I haven't been feeling challenged. See, that whole sentence is focused on me. God's issue when it comes to my life, is that I haven't been focused on Him. That in itself is a challenge. Things change from a different point of view. Don't be afraid to get up and move around a bit.

That's what God is teaching me lately,

"Don't be afraid to get up and move around a bit."

Be Challenged by God, Be Challenged to be a reflection of who He is in every single moment. Maybe then our sentences won't feature "I" as much.



Saturday, July 18

Getting Up to Speed

Well, It's official. Reverse culture shock has taken it's toll on me. Not driving for two months can have an affect on one's "lead-footed-ness." Oh well, it is what it is. Anyways, the irony in the entirety of the situation for me is that I feel like that's all I'm doing right now, is trying to gather everything that's gone on since I last left a location, and realizing how different things truly were abroad, and sometimes, how the same they are.

God has been good the last few days. He's always good, obviously, but has been specifically showing me grace. Yea, yea, "Lutherans and their Grace," I know. But in reality, it's been learning how to live in His grace, instead of attempting to "earn" it. And there is the irony right there, because as believers we spend so much time trying to earn something that by definition cannot be earned, because it is undeserved, unmerited favor.

So what's next? Some people come to this realization and think, "Hey! I can sin all I want because I have grace." Not where I'm going with this. I'm talking about being okay with grace. Taking one step away from trying to deserve it, and one step towards basking in it. God is good, accept the goodness.



Wednesday, July 15

Mini-Wheats Commercial

Hello America!

I'm back, it's different. Everyone talks about reverse culture shock, and I think right now it's just more, shock (and even then, less about the culture, more about God).

He revealed some really interesting things to me on a long ride home, mostly about His majesty, and His size. Curtis this past week at El Lokal gave his lesson on how God is science, and the existance of God through Einstein's comparison of Light and the theory of relativity. It was super interesting.

I'm not a huge science person, I don't understand the whole thing in any great depth, but it was an awesome lesson, a lot of parallels that I've drawn about God were affirmed and one of the things Curtis said stuck with me and I've been chewing on it this week.

God is multi-dimensional. Yea, yea, "of course He is." But I'm talking, beyond what we can fathom!!! When we were coming in to land in Minneapolis, God made that super apparent to me. We were inbetween two layers of clouds, and there was one more above and one more below, and I started to think about how the layers of clouds are set up, and how hard, from earth, it is to tell what layer is what on a cloudy day. So the experience of being between them, wow, it was absolutely amazing.

God has been revealing a lot of layers to me lately. Layers in myself, in my relationships, in my abilities, in Himself, in how He creates, in how He loves. It's astounding.

I pray that you are resting in God's many layers. (hmmm, sounds like a Mini-Wheats commercial).


Sunday, June 21

Come Together

When the spirit moves, the spirit MOVES!

God is amazing. Without a doubt, this entire trip is in his plans and his hands. I´m excited to be involved with Lokal! We went to church this morning, not only were we greeted warmly, but without a doubt, God has placed us here with purpose. The pastors there are both American, and many members are bilingual. Everyone is willing to at least try english for our sake, and many are surprised to find out that both Annie and I speak spanish (and fairly well)!

Service this morning was amazing as God really spoke through their pastor who just got back from the US for three weeks. We talked about falling to sin, and the process that David took as he fell with Bathsheeba. The entirety of the sermon was in spanish, but Lokal provided a translator for various people in the audience who didn´t speak the language, or not well enough to understand. I tried to tough it out, and got most of the main points. The Lord is moving in that place though.

It´s amazing to see a church of believers with purpose. They are not without their sins and their struggles of course. But it´s different here in Spain. You are catholic, or you are atheist (generally of course). And for a group of nearly 100 people to come together to worship our Father, is an amazing amount of intent in just one room! God has rocked these lives, and everyone there is desperately seeking him. It´s not like entering so many of the churches in the US where people go out of obligation, guilt, or tradition. People here desire to be in those chairs, singing at the top of their lungs, and worshipping the Lord that has saved them. Praise Jesus!!

Keep us in your prayers as we begin fully diving into the world that is awaiting us.


Wednesday, June 17

A Plan

Alrighty! I´m in Barcelona. Day One has begun. Why do I feel so... I don´t know, over eager about the whole thing. I should be relaxing to just enjoy the downtime that I have while Annie and Ashley get their heads and hearts prepped and wrapped around this culture that I´ve fallen in love with. Somedays, I know it will not be so easy. Others, I would like to believe that it will. Without a doubt though, I know that God has a plan in this. I was reading today randomly in Joshua and God impressed this little reminder upon me,

"This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” 1:9

I hope that God is impressing this same message onto you. Love, God Bless,


Tuesday, June 9

Looking at the Value

Ah, so it´s been a while since I´ve blogged last. Sorry! Things have been busy here, and in the last couple of days, the full effects of culture shock have set in and I´m desperately trying to combat them and continue experiencing this amazing city with what little time I have left.

God´s really been moving in my heart to reach out to people and to put a lot of effort into writing bible studies for a women´s study that hasn´t quite come together yet. Outside of that, God´s just really been taking me back through the journey I´ve taken in my life and looking at the value each thing I´ve been through has in glorifying Him! It´s been a rough process, but I love every moment of it.

But, one more thing I want to share with you!! Go and check out 'A Wicked Deception' on youtube. It´s a short movie that was made after the english script was translated into french, then german, back to french, and then finally back to english using an online language translator. The result is this awesomely hysterical movie!

'This hole is quite fine good!'

Take care, God Bless,


Monday, May 25


God Bless All!

Greetings from Sunny Beautiful Spain!

I arrived last almost a week and a half ago, and I have been enjoying all that there is to experience here. God is preparing me in ways that I couldn't believe, and I'm more and more excited everyday to be learning how to survive in this country. Barcelona will be different, yes, but by then I'll have some grasp of the country, definitely the language, and I'll be excited to be with people I love.

In the meantime, God has been showing me some amazing things through the tourist-y type things here. We were in Madrid this past weekend (my study abroad group) for some tours and such, and while in el Museo del Prado, He opened my eyes to some things.

God has given us everything we have in our lives, yet we spend our time honoring good people, good places, and good things, rather than seeing the Creator of it all. I was looking at thousands of paintings and statues of saints, the virgin, Christ, and it dawned on me, where is He in all of this? We´ve been commemorating his followers since their beginning, but no one could know what John the baptist looked like, or Christ, or Mary. Yet everyone tries?

Why do we try so hard to confine God to this perfect box of a human image? Especially when He is so much more than that. We have a perfect, unfailing, loving God, and when we try so hard to put him into this box, we leave out the qualities of him that we don´t like, or don´t understand, or don´t go along with what we´re doing in our lives. I don´t want to do that any more.

I have a God that possesses more qualities than I´ll ever know, and I don´t want to limit those. I want to explore them, to know more about His essence and why He has created me in His image, and what qualities of His I have.

I´ve been given an opportunity to take a break from America, and I´m taking every moment I can to sop it up and focus on what´s important to me. I want to invest in people, and I want to be open to allow God to invest in me.

I'm praying that this is something that isn´t just changing in me while I´m here, but will return with me.

God Bless, Take care, More soon,


Tuesday, May 19


Hey all! Here are some pictures!

This is the garage just next to the entrance to the apartment. I love the message. This isn´t graffiti, but all the graffiti here is mostly positive. On the sides of the freeways/highways, it´s all "te amo ..." (i love...) and in the cities, it´s a lot of names, like Jake, or Okey. And then there are pictures. Some are stencil art like the famous Banksy, birds or my favorite are these two creepy little girls done in black and white on an abandoned building near La Plaza del Virgen.

These are some of the fountains that are in the Park of Arts and Sciences up here. At one time it was used for the America´s Cup soccer games, and now it´s just a HUGE park that runs through the north of the city. We went for lunch one afternoon, got totally lost, and found El Corte Ingles (a really big spanish Macy´s).

This was the view from one of the towers in Peñíscola. Very Beautiful, no?

This is the whole group on one of the steps at Peñíscola.

Hope you´re having a great day, may God bless it!


Sunday, May 17

I´m here!!!!

Alright, this might just be the longest post that I´ve ever done. Sorry! Read on for more info about my adventures!

I arrived two days ago, exhausted! Coley and I had to run (literally) to catch our flight from Madrid to Valencia. But we made it. We waited for a little over three hours for the rest of the group to show up, and so far all has gone mostly without a hitch! The first day, we drove into town and met our "madres" and moved in. Chelo is very sweet, but doesn´t speak any english, and we seem to be getting along just fine! I´m very excited to be living with her, and learning about this culture. That night we went out for dinner, drinks, and exploration. Let me tell you, exploring has never seemed so tedious. We walked for about 40 minutes to get from the far side of the center of the city to Chelo´s. After that, there was no question, we were going to sleep!

The next morning was no rest either, we got up early to quickly visit the market and buy beach towels before we were whisked away to Los Torres de Serranos to meet the bus for Peñíscola, to go to the beach. It was blast and the castle was so beautiful. Pictures will be up soon! Without a doubt, we had a great day laying on the beach, lauging at wakeboarders, and exploring. Last night we were exhausted again and just decided to crash. We had Arroz con pollo yesterday for dinner and it was delicious! Today, most things are closed because it´s sunday, but found and internet cafe right around the corner from where we live, and we´re off to find our school and explore the city a little after this. I pray all is well at home, and everyone is enjoying their days! Take care. See you soon!


Tuesday, May 12

Tedious and Tough

I am leaving in two days.

I really didn't ever think this week would actually come. But it's here!! It's time for packing, and saying goodbye, and getting nervous. I've been "pre-packing" tons and tons. Organizing and choosing has been a bit tedious and tough, but I'm getting there. I'm trying to prep for what God has in store for me in Barcelona, but I'm just not sure what that is yet, or how to prep for it. So in the meantime, God and I are just kind of going with the flow, waiting to see what happens.

I've been reading Genesis with G though, one chapter at a time. It's different re-reading the stories from sunday school, seeing what was left out, what lead up to it, where it fits.... It's been giving me an interesting perspective.

Oh, and I got a hair cut.

Anyways, I've received almost $450 for the Barcelona trip, and I'm super excited because we've been in touch with a few different groups and have found a couple churches to work with! The time is getting closer and I'm more and more excited to be on my way :D

More later, God Bless,


Monday, April 6

Considering the Finer Things

God has everything handled. Sometimes it takes one event to make you realize how you're blessed, and how God works in your life. It made me smile that one of the blogs I read regularly is taking a break. The Big Mama Blog has surprised me with all kinds of goodness like fashion tips, giggles, and recipes. I found her blog through one of Jessie's many family members, Ali J. She has an online boutique that sells scarves, wallets, and shawls, so for your accessory needs, check her out (there's a link on the left hand side of her blog).

But now that I'm done pitching :) I hope you all have a blessed week and take some time to focus on Him.


Sunday, April 5

Scissors and Seam Ripper

Crafting Update: I am so exited to have had a night to craft away! Iris and I stayed up last night sewing, and I got a few things started and a few things finished! So.... I made a bathrobe for my little brat, and I can't wait to make it down to NE soon to give it to her..... sooo, sneak peak Jess, I hope you like it!

... and the close up of the applique of the whale....

... and to make my life easier I made a new pincushion, and then a table runner for sewing with pockets for things like my scissors and seam ripper (which I always tend to lose under whatever I'm sewing)...

So this is the fun of my evening, I hope you all had a good weekend, I'm off for another nap to cure my headache, and a healthy dose of homework and dinner.

God Bless, Take care!


Saturday, April 4

Hostel Search

Ah, I'm finally getting a chance to cool off, a little to literally with the snow. I have enjoyed this past week more than I could believe, but it's now time to prep for more craziness, with some of my recent decisions.

As many people have discovered, I decided to stay in Brookings for another year... Big deal for me. But I'm really waiting on God to open some doors up for me. Literally in this situation, I'm apartment searching. Please be praying.

On that same note, we are doing the hostel search for Barcelona this week. Annie and Ashley had their door open with a great price on their airline tickets this week, and so now we're praying for God to drop something in our lap with this place to stay. I feel like no matter where He puts us, we can be used, in both the hostel and the city. So we'll see what happens.

God Bless,


Saturday, March 28


I think more and more often about the time that I'm spending with people and how it's been more intentional lately. I love the people in my life and I want to include them in what's going on, as well as let them know that they matter to me. It's silly I know to be doing things like grocery shopping together, but getting the chance to do that with Lindsey yesterday was great :) and now I'm up in Watertown with Annie and I'm getting a really great chance to bond and spend time with her. It's great having these options available to me and I'm so thankful for it. Not to mention the dinner I got to make last night, it seems like life has been very intentional lately and I feel great about that :)

While life is good, to sustain that it's important to be in prayer, and lately I have been working at being in prayer more often. Some things I'm praying about:

Spain! (We're starting to raise funds, and planning to get tickets and accommodations made soon)
What God wants me to be doing this coming year
How I can be serving the community
The City of Brookings, as well as the University
Intervarsity's ministry and leadership
Ashley and Annie, as we are preparing our hearts and spirits for this trip

What have you been praying for lately?

God Bless

Monday, March 16


I'm beginning to take more joy in blogging as sort of a therapeutic way for me to unwind and collect my thoughts at the end of the day. Plus, it helps that I have a whole day to inspire me with something to write about.

I've been feeling really nostalgic lately, and apparently I'm not the only one. Mav over at 3191 (also on my sandwich readings) posted this amazing post about visits to her grandmother and how it has inspired her daily life now. I love this post because of it's sincerity and the peace that it expresses. Ah, for the yesterdays of life.

Today was filled with chaos and emotions and happenings, but in a different way, today, I was happy. It's been a while since I could say with out any hesitation that I am sincerely and truly happy. And it's from that realization that I understand now how much I fret and worry over things that really don't matter.....

Matthew 6:34 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Verse for the day I guess... God Bless


Sunday, March 15

The Shock of Eating

Sorry about the break in posting! I was off this week for spring break and too my time to enjoy a week with G to meet the parents back home. It was a blast, to say the least. But all his raving about his mom's chicken enchiladas has me determined to cook this week! The question is.... what to cook??

So, like most resourceful college students, I went to the internet. And what did I find? Food Blogs!!! Lots of them! And boy am I loving it. I came across this site first and I started getting hungry so I scavenged my kitchen and discovered that I have most of the ingredients to make this sweet and sour chicken recipe and I even have the stuff right now to make cream cheese wontons and sticky rice... so I think I'll be cooking up some chinese all my own this week.

Also, I'm super excited to make this spin on tortellini add-ins with tri-color tortellini stuffed with cheese and spinach.

And to convince myself into actually eating "breakfast," I'm going to whip up some super easy mini-muffins from pillsbury... possibly blueberry, or chocolate just to save myself the shock of eating in the morning!

So my challenge to myself... cook! (and take pictures...)
and my challenge to all of you? Try a new recipe!

Happy Cooking!

Monday, March 2

Great Inspiration.

I just want to share this with ya'll. Again, Great inspiration.

Feeling Human

I feel so human right now. And so vulnerable. Job 13:14 says "Why do I put myself in jeopardy and take my life in my own hands?"

I'm at that pivotal point of realization and questioning, but there, and there alone it seems. I can't spur myself on into change, nor can I allow myself retreat back into my previous ways. Everything feels so out of proportion right now, and crying just seems like a good idea. *sigh*

It's the days when the world weighs heaviest on me that I struggle more to see God in what goes on around me. The problem I face in that, is that I continuously forget to see God in myself and what He is doing in me, aka, my self-perception goes out the window. Today, I have tried seemingly victoriously to help out others in my life, only to have them all come to a screeching halt when I stopped to think of myself, and my keys. I inconvenienced friends and really beat myself up over something so insignificant. Why did I put myself in jeopardy and take my life in my own hands? I kicked myself and got down rather than allowing God to take care of me through my friends. I was so busy taking care of everyone else, that I just didn't see the opportunity to be taken care of.

This is not the first time that this lesson has kicked my butt. It's harder for me to ask for help then it is to press on through the hardest parts of my life, but through some amazing friends and family, I have been learning in the last year to ask for help.

God is amazing and I know He has huge plans for me, and if they are what I think that they are, they will work out as He allows. If not, well then, He'll close that door. For me, I'm just searching for inspiration. Today, this was it. I'm going to try to be more intentional about looking for things that are positive, things I'm thankful for, things I enjoy, and things that inspire me. In the meantime.... I'm relying on faith to get me through this.

Monday, February 23

Tiene mucho estrés....

Super stressed right now, momentary rant....

Ahhh, what is it with professors that decide to pile all their work into one week?

Okay, now, please be praying for sanity! lol, :) I am determined to make it through this stressful week with a smile on my face and getting everything done. I'm sure it's possible, and I'm sure I'm capable, I just have to get that far, so please! be in prayer...

Side note: I have amazing people in my life. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 18


I've never fully understood the giving up something for Lent tradition, but I once had it explained to me that it's like fasting--you're giving up something to better focus on God. That being said, I like the idea.

But what to refrain from, or what to do? I now I feel like I've accomplished more when I get up earlier, and go to bed sooner, but I've already started in on doing that and I don't want to use that just so I'm not actually "doing" something for Lent.

What are ya'll doing for Lent? I could use some inspiration. I'm thinking about taking up walking for 20 minutes a day and doing some prayer while I'm at it. I don't know yet.

Anyways, quick prayer request:
Graduate schools and I are on the outs because of all this paperwork amidst my schoolwork. a.k.a, I'm having trouble getting everything sent in and getting organized which is difficult for me to deal with. (I prefer to be super organized!)
Also, I have some family experiencing some medical issues right now, and would appreciate prayers for health and good humor :)

Thanks ya'll!


Monday, February 16

9 Hours Later

Today has been productive, but not without it's difficulties. I spent 9 hours... mostly, on writing a very long paper while at work, trying not to be distracted. Needless to say, that did not happen! But it all worked out. I ended up getting in time at the library after work, enough to write two paragraphs of my spanish paper, a huge bonus. Afterwards, came home and took some wonderful pictures for photography class so that I have something to work with tomorrow in class. I thought I'd share some here, as well as continuously try to catch up on Keep Your Love Letters. Again, not doing so well there, but I'm vowing to do better (and catch up)!!! But here are some shots of the beautiful flowers that I've been receiving from a certain gentleman.



Ah, It makes me feel like spring is that much closer.

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Thursday, February 12

Under the Needle

So Schmig comissioned me for another army costume... sort of. I love it when she does this because it provides me with an opportunity to really play with my designs and come up with something different from the last one. Anywho, I'm done with the basic construction of the skirt, and I'll be doing some smaller embellishments to the skirt in the next week or so. In the mean time, I'm taking the sleeves off of the jacket, and trying to figure out the best way to make it into a vest. But anyways, thought I'd give a glimpse into what's under the needle.

Ha, apparently I am not above bribery

I'm bored.

Quite legitimately, Very very bored.

I'm excited for my classes, I'm excited for my extra-stuff, I honestly am. But the problem I'm having is that none of it is challenging any more. On top of that, I tend toward what is challenging. So I'm making a list...

5 Things I find challenging right now:
1. Sewing
2. Photography
3. My Friendships
4. Cleaning my house and keeping it clean
5. My Presentation in April

And I'm going to use this to balance my increasing amounts of boredom, hopefully. So that's my new challenge to myself, bust my boredom with self-bribery of challenging projects. Ha, apparently I am not above bribery, of myself that is.

On a stronger note, God is awesome. He's taking away a lot of negative in my life and changing it into safer places for me. He's also opening windows and doors to my life for me to let people in. While that is occasionally terrifying to me, I'm enjoying the experiences. Now I'm just asking for balance, and working on it with His help.


Sunday, February 1

To Be Relational....

God is creator of the universe. Heaven, Earth, all that Jazz. I know it in my brain and in my heart, but the part that I struggle with some days is that that includes me.

As I'm re-reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge I find bits of knowledge that my brain wasn't tuned into originally. I'm still making my way through the second chapter bit by bit, and I'm focusing in on how God is relational. Mostly focusing because He's repeated this theme to me time and time again in the past month or so.

It makes sense if you really think about it. Of course God is relational. But where do we see it?

Genesis 2:18 "Then the Lord God said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.'"

Ding, Ding, Ding! Isn't this the first sign? If we are created in God's image (Gen. 1:27) then why wouldn't He be relational?

Alright, second less obvious, more obtuse sign. The Trinity. The concept of the trinity, the 3-in-1 separate entities, shows us that God is relational to the core. He is constantly in a state of community with Himself. The relationship that He possesses with the Spirit and the Son shows people everywhere that they should be in community with one another. "No man is an island," I guess John Donne had a point.

But what does that mean for women? For me?

It's okay. It's okay to be relational, to be concerned, to care for people. The desire for details stems from our core of relation. We want to know more because we want to be involved in another's life because we care for them. God is relational. Let's replace "we" with "God."

God wants to know more because God want's be involved in OUR lives because God cares for us. So now I just need to work on letting Him in. I've had a lot of practice with new people in my world.

Tuesday, January 27


As the school year is really coming into itself, I'm beginning to see that maybe 12 credits is a good place to be. I'm working, not as much as I want to, but I'm working. I'm enjoying challenging classes, though right now, I'm not quite sure what exactly I'm getting myself into. And for once in college, I have time to be crafty!!! So, time for some crafty photos of recent projects.

For a girls night last semester I decided to go all out and sew up some napkins and make some napkin rings just to make the evening a little more classy and fun, so here are a few of the set.

I have also had bunches of opportunities with Ashley to work on my scrapbook that I've been putting off for years. This is one of the pages of "my little brat" when she first learned how to play on the playground by herself.

I've also been watching a lot of movies lately, and my inability to sit still has gotten me back into knitting. Yay! I finally learned the purl stitch, so I'm making crazy little rows that actually look like knitting.

Last semester, Ashley and I were up one night after studying and decided for a study break that the next day we would sew together purses on Julie's old sewing machine. Not only did we discover that her machine hates me, but I made a crazy little purse with Geisha's on it. I'm super excited for spring to come so I can use it.

Anywho, that's some of my crafting. For those of you who emailed me asking about it, if you want to know anything else, leave a comment here or email me like you did before!


Tuesday, January 20

Because She was taken from Man

I started reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge for the second time today. Not meaning that I've read it once before but meaning that I started it once before, couldn't finish it because I got frustrated with it, and I am now going to start from the beginning again with a more open mind. I hope.

Any who, I'm working my way through Genesis for the bajillionth-ish time in the past 6 or 7 months, looking at Eve again. It dawned on me this time though, that as humans, we never read the same thing twice. Not literally at least...

The way it hit me was this. I have read Genesis at least three times this month alone, well at least up until chapter 5, and I was in three very different states when I can remember them.

The first time, I was upset with God. I was confused about what His plans for the semester are and I was stressed about finishing graduate applications. When I was in that mind set, I was overwhelmed with the devastation of original sin.

The second time around, I happened to be feeling really good after talking to a really close friend, and I was blessed with a calming feeling of being a woman, and being created in God's image.

When I read it today, everything seemed a little more, vivid. Genesis 2:23 -- "At last!" the man exclaimed. "This one is bone from my bone, and flesh from my flesh! She will be called 'woman,' because she was taken from 'man.'" -- I never expected to be so overwhelmed by this verse, but my generally self-sufficient mindset lost to the will of God and I've been feeling awkwardly obedient, and with a desire to serve.

Right now, I'm not quite sure what that means. But I think that I'm going to leave Genesis alone for a little while and maybe look a little more at Proverbs 4.