Thursday, June 26

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Support is amazing and confusing all at the same time. As the week has progressed I've been involved in all parts of the kitchen, just like I was used to at the last camp! I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to be somewhere comfortable in a new location, just because I am now beginning to feel like things here are not so different. Yes, worship is still strange, and campfire is still weird, and I'm just not used to the mime at all, but things are beginning to grow on me.

Also, I've been reading this amazing book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, written by Joshua Harris. It's about how, as believers, we should move away from the secular dating scene and into a type of dating with God as the central focus. One of the analogies that he uses in the book is just amazing. He relates a Christian in the ways of secular dating to a recovering alcoholic hanging out in a bar. It's the same because of the draw to temptation. As believers, God calls us to run from temptation, and to follow Him, but if we put ourselves intentionally in the paths of temptation, like placing a recovering alcoholic in a bar, the temptation becomes harder to run from, and we begin to find ourselves walking as dangerously close to the line as possible, and even crossing it.

The greatest thing about being here this week, on support, is the immense amount of time to think. Kitchen work for me is mainly mindless. Put this here, wipe this off, cook this, etc. etc. But that allows me time to process the events occurring around me, as well as the things that I'm reading, or the things that I am thinking about.

Oh, one final bit of AMAZING news. I received my first letter of recommendation back from a professor for my trip to Britain! Keep this in your prayers please, as the application process will begin once I have received the second letter of recommendation and send it off, back to South Dakota.

Sorry for such a long post! Enjoy the week!


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  1. Realize Harris isn't sharing the whole story on the system he promotes. You might find my blog entries of interest if you want a balanced side or what Harris leaves out.
    I Kissed Dating Goodbye: Wisdom or Foolishness?