Saturday, November 20

The Way…

Reporting here from Women’s Retreat 2010….

Yep, that’s right. Women’s Retreat. This blog has seen two of them so far, and the second has been just as wonderful as the first. We’re talking about the armor of God, in Ephesians 6, and what it looks like for each of us to be clothed in truth, faith, righteousness, salvation, spirit, and readiness. We have one day left and I can’t wait to see what God does in the hearts of these women. Their paths have been greatly altered by the son of God, and I know without question that He still has big plans yet to come for them.

Letting you all know also about, “Altered Paths,” from Growing Pains Scrapped. This is a really great general kit that’s good for all kinds of different photos, but it has a few special elements thrown in that are great for milestones in life. Check it out!

GPS_AP_Full previewGPS_AP_Paper preview

I had a blast making my pages up with this kit! I’m working my way through scrapping my two months in Spain, and so I got another LO done with those photos, and then I have been working on collecting different challenges for myself of generic things to scrap for when I’m in a block, or I just need an idea for some photos, and my love of coffee was one of them!adios smallmy coffee small 

So head over to the store, pick it up, and go scrap something you haven’t gotten to yet! This could be just the right kit!

Tuesday, November 9

Gifted Kids



People have wondered for a very long time, what it is that makes me so recognizably different from my peers, and that’s a question that can be answered with a number of responses, but all of them can associate back to one thing, giftedness. I am younger than most anyone I know who’s at a similar educational level, not to mention work experience, and I’m socially comfortable in most every situation I enter into. Note: this post is not intended to be self-centered as much as informative, I hope.

I’ve met hundreds of gifted kids in my life, been in rooms with thousands of them, and I’m even marrying one. Each one is completely different from any other, but we carry similar traits among the lot of us, though no trait is definitively universal, save for an IQ score (and even that has exceptions). The discrepancies in this are astounding though because it is such an incredibly broad category. I am social, artistic, language-oriented, well-spoken, organized, slightly OCD, hyper-sensitive, capable of multi-tasking, and I prefer both time spent alone and in large groups. I am gifted. There are also people in the world who are asocial, number-oriented, quiet, disorganized, dangerously OCD, insensitive, narrowly focused, and prefer to be wholly secluded from society. They could also be gifted.

I came across an article, if you can call it that, some time ago, where the author collected heaps of information on giftedness… common characteristics of a gifted person, quotes, etc., compiled them together, and rationalized as things that may set these people apart from the rest, and cause them to be misunderstood.

Wow, this guy may have a point. Gifted people are misunderstood constantly, especially as children. Why? Because as a society we seem to want to write it off as something else, because it is particularly difficult to deal with a gifted person, especially in traditional classrooms. Gifted kids are being diagnosed with ADD because they’re bored in class and cause trouble, being put in remedial courses because the work their being given in regular classes is too simple so they just don’t do it, being labeled as one terrible name or another because they’re either socially under- or over-developed, among so many other things.

Kids do not need more medication, things to do, or places to be. They need an opportunity to be kids, to experience the world they live in, and in a way that works for them. Whether gifted or not, kids have been thrust all to quickly into understanding the world around them as adults do, instead of being allowed to creatively picture it in the way they desire. Give a kid a break today, do something creative with them, and they just might surprise and inspire you.

Sunday, September 5

Project #14 – A Log of Links

I promised G’s mother that I would post my list of crafting links, and so I have been dutifully collecting them all together to post them since May. Whoops…. Three months later, I have come sort of close to completing this project…

Ruffled Pillow

Basic Pillowcases

Classic Tote

Towel Robe

Yoga Mat Bag

Ponytail Scarf

Laptop Sleeve

Diaper/Messenger Bag

Ruffle Apron

Half Apron

Tulle/Crinoline Skirt

Stuffed Mouse & Clothes


Spring Ruffle Top

Cloth Baby Shoes

Short list, right? These are just the recent projects that I’m considering digging into, but let me tell you where I get my project ideas from…

Craftster – I love this community. It can be a little overwhelming to navigate, but if you’re just in the mood to be crafty, you will find something here that you can do in that period of time. The nice thing about Craftster is that more often than not there are photos, if not a tutorial. I also love that they cover the gamut of crafting, from clothes to knitting, and arts to paper projects. Love it.

How About Orange – Talk about a fabulous blog. Jessica Jones is a designer who just happens to blog about some amazing things on the world wide webs… Not to mention passes on some great tutorials for crafting, decorating, etc. She even does the rest of us crafters a favor at times and groups a bunch of tutorials together. I LOVE her obsession about orange as well… just saying…

Catching up on Layouts…


Bibliophile Small

Created Using:

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! by Miss Kim Designs;

Fonts are Jailbird Jenna & Pea Yar Yar; breathe small

Created Using:

My Day Off by VB Designs; Angel by Cinnamon Designs; Sonny {Hearts} Candy by Che Yang; Letter for Mom by Deca Designs; Sing Me Gently by Sarahh; Summer Sherbet Alpha by ScrapShana;

Font is Rhino Dino; Delete Small

Created Using:
Smile Because it Happened paper pack by Miss Kim Designs;
Font is CK Ali's Hand;

Face of Liberty Small

Created Using:

American Girly Girl by Jenasis Design;

Font is Lima Bean; Feet Small

Created Using:

What will you Celebrate by Miss Kim Designs;

Fonts are MTF Flowrites & MTF Hoo Rah Handful Small

Created Using:

iColor by Jenasis Designs;

Fonts are Do I Like stripes? and Rebekah's Birthday; intervarsity small

Created Using:

Go Your Own Way Grab Bag by Miss Kim Designs;

Font is MTF Skinny Jeans; journey small

Created Using:

Man of Faith by Miss Kim Designs;

Font is SF Wendi; joy small

Created Using:

Party in B-Town by Miss Kim Designs;

Font is SF Straight Up; Summer Small

Created Using:

Aunt Sadie's Garden by Miss Kim Designs;

Font is MTF Becki; Tomboys Rule Small

Created Using:

Tomboy Princess by Miss Kim Designs;

Font is Stays in the cave! Trendsetter small

Created Using:

School by Three Paper Peonies; Lemonade by Three Paper Peonies; Just Moved by This Little Missy;

Font is Pea Carrie Script; Window Small

Created Using:

iColor by Jenasis Design;

Fonts are My Nerd and CK Ali's Hand;Perez Small

Created Using:

Homecoming by Miss Kim Designs;

Fonts are Elephants in Cherry Trees and Digs my Hart;

Tuesday, July 20


I feel like this is the reaction half the time when I open up my mouth anywhere I go. It’s like I’m spouting off parables in a foreign language. In reality, I’m actually more often than not trying to help someone when people look at me with that crazy bewildered reaction…


Yep, that’s the one. Or at least that’s pretty close to what I think it is internally, most people have the common decency to not show this face on a regular basis. On to the point… I’ve been re-re-reading a book that I love lately, Lamb by Christopher Moore (more on this later). Nevertheless, there’s a part in the book where the main character is telling a parable in a foreign language, and it made me wonder about the way that Christ was received in his ministry. Obviously, we know he was not necessarily well loved in his hometown, but he had thousands of followers. People who received his message with open and willing hearts, or so I assume. It’s completely possible that they were just very gullible, but I doubt that you would continue in “popularity” that long among a crowd of gullible people. Being the “Real Deal” that Jesus was, it amazes me to see that he is still to this day being received with open and willing hearts in great numbers around the world.

Today I am humbled by your overwhelming power to draw people to you, Lord. Today I sit at your feet in amazement of all that you have done, are doing, and will do in my life and the lives of others. Even when I stray from your narrow path, you have been there to guide me. I praise you now, as I hope to do forever. Amen.

Oh yea, and I got the bible study book today, but its definitely not in my favorite condition, so I’m hoping I can get it exchanged….

Wednesday, July 14

5 Things I am Excited about…

1. Day Camp at First Lutheran with the amazing kiddos this week!

2. Being a part of an online bible/book study, over at Life’s Not Always Fireflies and Hummingbirds, and reading Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. If you’re interested to do this with us, go check out her site, and the book!

3. Sending and receiving postcards through Postcrossing.

4. Having tomorrow off… YAY!

5. Working on Project #14 (…just a hint, It partially has something to do with #2 on this list…)

Oh… and there’s one more… whoops!

6. Joining the CT of Miss Kim’s Designs… be looking out for some of her new products in the next few days!

Friday, July 9

One thing I believe…

I believe love is the most basic human ability.

I think that there are too many people in the world who believe that humans are inherently evil. I just can’t believe that. I can’t live my life, serving a God who is bigger than all things, and believe that what he created is evil. Even with the understanding of sin, and the fall of man, I don’t think people can have such an overwhelming desire to be loved, if they weren’t capable of loving in the first place. Am I saying we’re loving all the time? No. I fail miserably at being able to love in even some of the easiest situations. Some days, I even feel burdened to love, which is a terrible thing at times, but it teaches me. It teaches me to look at everything differently. To not see the world just as it is, but to look for the things that I can’t always see at first glance.

No, this isn’t some crazy piece of anything, it’s what I think about when I watch movies like, “I Am Sam.” When I see how innocent the world is, and how cruel we make it. It reminds me of these things, and memories from my momma’s garden in the backyard. The chance to explore something different every year. The ants on the peonies, the new blooming snapdragons, the ever growing rhubarb. Sometimes I still wish I could just plunk myself down in those gardens, and never leave. Just look up at the sky, and dream about a world that doesn’t report bad news every night, and lets wonder and awe run rampant. That’s why I believe love is the most basic human ability. Because not loving takes the glow from every other piece of life away and leaves it empty. There is still so much in the world that glows, we have to be a people who love.

Thursday, July 8

Project #11 – Moving Day

Here it is! The project that I have put off posting about for quite some time now. Moving day! Okay, I’m really not that excited to share this with you. Why? Well you see, like most periods of moving, this was stressful, unhealthy, and a much longer process than it should have been. I cried, I was sick, and I was just plain unhappy. Well, God has bigger plans, and this happens to be exactly where He wants me. Needless to say, I have since settled in (okay, only a little bit) and I’m beginning to understand that He has me here for a reason. But on to the photos! Since most of you will probably never come to visit me, though I love visitors, I will show you around. This is my living room….DSC01244DSC01246Heehee, I love this little shelving “nook” that most other people think is ridiculous. I have my living room set up COMPLETELY different from the way Garrett had his, but it’s mostly because I knew that I wanted to have access to those shelves. They are the perfect cubbies for all my crafting supplies. And yes, I have a dresser in my living room. It holds my sewing projects, scraps, and supplies, as well as all my excess fabric. I LOVE it.  DSC01243

Okay, so there’s some discrepancy there. My living room is actually much tinier than my last apartment. Whoops. Too much stuff, too little space. I’m learning here, people. I just need to figure out how to use all the spaces effectively, then all the random crap you see in the photos will find a nice home, and I’ll be able to sit in my papasan!


My not so spectacular dining room. Again, very tiny. But it’s about the same size as the last place, so I didn’t have to worry much. I would show you the kitchen, but I didn’t feel like doing the dishes when I took photos, so no kitchen for you. Maybe later. I have made an addition to the dining room, and you’ll just have to wait and see it in a later update!


This is possibly my most favorite space in the apartment. No, I’m not that terribly vain, I just really love the awesome organization that I have in my bathroom, and the organized cleanly-chaos of it all. I especially love having a place for my necklaces where they’re not getting tangled with anything at all. I keep my earrings (that I wear much less often than necklaces) hiding in my bedroom, which because it was the major unloading zone for my stuff is not making an appearance.  So this is my apartment! Glad you could stop by :)

Wednesday, July 7

A Note about Templates…

I had a great comment on a previous post about templates, and I wanted to take the chance to address it. Most templates come flattened as JPEG files or as PSD files (Photoshop). If you use another type of program, there are some designers who make templates with each piece on different PNG’s, and you need to open them all. I love templates because they make great starting ideas, even if you just have the picture to look at. With all this talk about templates, I figured I’d whip one up for you!

Template 1 Preview Small

Well, I can’t just leave you with the pretty template to look at… Here’s an LO that I threw together with the great collaboration kit from Stuff to Scrap Designers called Birthday Bash.

surprise small

Go ahead and click, click, click on the image of the template above to head over to download! I included all the pieces on separate PNG files, as well as a flattened JPG & PNG file, and the PDN (Paint.Net) file for those who use the program!

Sunday, June 13

Vote for Me!

So, I’m a huge scrapping nerd. I know it. But I got all excited when I saw that Pen Scrappers is giving away a Bamboo Craft Tablet. They are amazing tools, and I would LOVE to win one. I would be super honored if you would pop on over and vote on my layout:Thank You Small

The journaling reads: “These two amazing women represent the greatest goal that I have in my life: to share the love and light of Jesus Christ with youth and among families. It seems like Julie and Ashtyn aren’t exactly a huge step in that direction, but honestly these girls are some of the most amazing and fantastic people in my life. Both of them have inspired me in ways that I didn’t think possible, and they have pushed me to better myself, and help those around me I wasn’t sure I could. Ultimately, both Julie and Ashtyn inspired me to apply to seminary, and right now, while I wait for a response from admissions, they are a source of light in my life. I am so thankful to them, and all the great people that I work with and lead in ministry for creating a support system for me in a place that I call home where I don’t need to worry about asking for prayer or needing someone to talk to. Everyone here has helped me to better understand my calling in life, and the desire of my heart that is to follow wherever the Spirit calls me. Thank You!”

I guess I was feeling super sentimental when I was scrapping. Anyways, click the link below and take a quick moment to click off on the right to “Vote for This Layout”

Vote 4 me at!

Friday, June 11

Time is of the Essence!

So I have a super retro oven. It’s actually a pretty cool… but, I have no timer. I don’t mind using my cell phone, although often enough it seems I can’t find it when it’s going off, so that is a major distraction when you have something cooking away in the oven. As such, I am in the market for a kitchen timer. I know, I could go to Wal-mart, buy whatever they have available, and just live with it. But you all should know by now that I’m not that kind of girl…

So, off to the world wide interwebs I went in search of an awesome timer, and here is what I’ve found!

21IzNdUNo2L._SL500_AA300_ 31FS566VZQL._SL500_AA300_

Kikkerland Tape Timer Egg Timer “Timey”

31pByWsAgxL._SL500_AA300_ 31Siis-fMGL._SL500_AA300_

Magnetic Timer Dual Timer

41k6tK-N17L._AA260_ 41uEo4sQ2rL._SL500_AA300_

Hourglass Digital Timer Wine Barrel Timer

41W6gZKjDwL._SL500_AA300_ 41X6NSK875L._SL500_AA300_

Terraillon Mini-Timer Dual Timer

41Y98H8QSXL._SL500_AA300_ 41zttj8kmvL._AA300_

Apple Timer Magnetic Retro Timer

315xRcHfSpL._SL500_AA300_ 418ZKcLccPL._SL500_AA300_

Bobblehead Timer Four Station Timer

bzhn1258786389062 KU312

Starbucks Timer Telephone Timer tjia1258163381078

Retro Wall Clock & Timer Mr. Long Leg Fruit Clock

They cost anywhere from $7 to $35 and each has their own personal flair. I’m so torn about what it is that I want, I’d love some suggestions! I really love the Magnetic Retro Timer (yellow, of course!), Hourglass Digital Timer, Red Stand-Up Dual Timer, Kikkerland Tape Timer, and the Retro Wall Clock & Timer, but they’re all great. Let me know what you’d pick!

Wednesday, June 9

Dum Dum Du-Dum! Here Comes Project #10


How’s that for a teaser?? I love the way this project turned out, even amidst all the other stresses of life. I was asked to help a friend with her wedding shower this may, and I knew I wanted to do something awesome for the invitations. Why? Well, I’m a firm believer that first impressions are incredibly important, and I wanted the shower to make a good first impression. Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a HUGE nerd. But a crafty one.

So I went scouring the interwebs for someone else’s fabulous idea and came across this one over at WeddingBee. Well, I fussed and fidgeted with the template for what seemed like YEARS (okay, so it was only a week), only to no avail. I got very frustrated and gave up for a few days. Then I started to get psyched about the big day coming, and got on board with finishing these things and got them sent out. We had decided on a “pots, pans, and pinups” theme for the shower and I went right ahead and made these bad boys to fit. Take a look…


The “Pinups” card had a recipe card that I asked guests to fill out and bring back with their gifts for Takara. I apparently struggle to take photos of the third page with no hands :)

John (her fiancĂ©) was coming into town with her, as usual, and wanted to be a part of the shower without having to play shower games, for any reason. So we decided to put on a BYOM barbecue for the guys to come and join all of us over at a nearby friend’s home. I whipped up some postcard size invites lickety-split and dropped one in with all the invitations, then sent them on their merry way!



Finding paper was the part that took the absolute longest, aside from making my printer work with such heavy weight paper. I ended up using a cardstock that I bought from a local scrapbook store. I loved the extra little bit that the texture added to the invitations so much, I used the scraps from cutting down the 12x12’s to print off the bbq invites. Stitching the edges of the invites was the easiest part of the project, and something I think I’m definitely going to incorporate into future paper projects, because I loved the results.

Thanks for looking!