Tuesday, August 23

Change, and a Plan.

This year, I will do something for me. I will sit down, and I will make a plan. And this year, I will make the choices necessary to make it happen.

I feel like I say this every year. Normally, in January. But now. Today. I’m going to say it. It is August 23rd, 2011. And I want to be different.

And God wants me to be different.

There’s been a very careful nudge at the edge of my world for the last few years that I’ve let be just that, a nudge. I have been dealing with a lot of my mental clutter recently, and I stumbled across what instead of just a nudge was a shove that landed me smack on the ground. Things need to change in my life, and perseverance and faith have been lacking in these areas.

You see, I tend to expand my faith in theories, in other people, and in what I know. In places where God is, and I feel comfortable. What God has been trying to tell me (I suspect for years) is that where I am uncomfortable now, is where I want to be someday. Someday, a not so very near someday, but someday, I would like a family. I would like to find joy and simplicity, and challenge in my crafty pursuits. I would like to be involved up to my eyeballs in the richness of God’s life changing ministry wherever I’m at, and very little of what I did just today moved me closer to those things.

God and I sat down with an orange soda this evening, and had a chat about those desires of my heart, and we looked at all the things that I’ve done today, on August 23rd, 2011, and only a few of them were really getting me closer to God and His plans.

So, we’re making a change. A change that will not be easy, that will not come without low points, and will not be complete overnight. But I am assured that this change will be good.

May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. – 2 Thessalonians 3:5

Tuesday, May 17


I think I have fallen in love with an inanimate object. Okay, so, more like a digital file. Or a bunch of digital files. This Little Missy released a new kit… “Freshly” and it’s filled with gorgeous greys, tans, blues, and greens. It’s super fresh, and I love the muted-bright colors and the funky patterns that make for a really great basic kit. Have a look…..
Ahhh, gorgeous right? It makes me want to kick back with a mojito in an Adirondack chair over looking a lake, or mountains, or something beautiful. I am thrilled to show you this layout….
Outside Small
I love this photo, always have. I took it while I was in my very first photography class, and I haven’t had a time/place to use it for a layout. This kit was just too perfect, so I made it work with some of the lyrics from this month’s Song Lyric Challenge at STS.
Carissa has a bunch of freebies going up over at her blog today from the kit, including the paper stacker that I used in this page. Head over there to her blog to have a look, and then over to the store at STS to pick up Freshly for yourself!
Head over to 4shared as well to pick up my paper stacker!

Tuesday, April 12

A Spring Cleaning Project

I have been a vegetable today, and filled with peanut butter saltines, YUM! I know, poor college kid diet, but it was just a snack between square meals. Over the last week though, I have been busy trying to get things up to date in my apartment. This has meant laundry, windows, hanging things on walls, etc. It’s the last part that has been the best though.

I have enjoyed the feel of the weight of a hammer in my hand swinging towards a tiny target being held against the wall. I love it. Overall, I’ve hung up 5 new pieces in my apartment, and I haven’t returned the hammer to the guys just yet. We’ll see what else gets put up in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, I want to show you the fruits of Friday’s labor. Have a look!



The key hooks, the wall hanging, and the jewelry screen all went up on Friday, and the Jewelry screen was my big project. I found the screen leaning against a tree in town this week (Spring Hauling in town) and picked it up. It’s HUGE, a little over 5 feet tall and three feet wide, but it’s fairly light, and had brackets screwed in at the top.

I snipped an inch or so of the screen on either side to slide the yellow ribbons through and attach to the back, and I hammered in nails across the center and top for hanging necklaces, then put up some of those awesome 3M Hooks.


Ahh. I love it! I’m using the ribbons for post earrings, and the screen for hooks. All my necklaces right now are on nails, except a few that need repairs. I don’t have any open spaces though, so as I get things I need to get rid of others, or take the whole thing down and put in more nails…. oooh, more hammering!

We’ll see right now I guess. No plans to buy new jewelry, but who honestly plans that? I can’t say I do.

Monday, April 11


I have a freebie for you today! I’ve been able to get some of my own scrapping work done lately, and my bestie has been asking for templates, so here they are! This pack has three separate templates, shown below, each in a flattened JPEG, flattened PNG, individual PNG layers, and PDN (Paint.Net).

Template Pack Preview

I also have some layouts with these templates, just so you can see them… They will look familiar, because I’ve used them for kits before. Like I said, at my bestie’s request these were made. Have a look!

Butterfly Tree small


I had Jess whip up a quick LO for this third template, and I say she definitely did an AWESOME job with it. I love it a ton!

4 AnimalsAnimalsAllAround SketchyTImes 11 mini

She rocked this LO, and I’m thrilled! Head over to 4shared to pick this up, and over to Jess’ blog, “Giggly PolkaDots” to see more of her layouts.

Sunday, April 10

A Bright and Sunshiny Day

And it has been, until last night. We were part of the first big spring thunderstorm this year, but with all the flooding in the area recently, I imagine everyone living outside of the city limits though is not quite as happy as I was. I love me some rain, and because of the recent weather, I’ve been thinking a LOT about umbrellas.

And the fact that I don’t have one.

So, I have been scouring the interwebs for these fabric & metal beauties, and I want to show you what I’ve found!


Sources from Left to Right: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Ummm, Awesome?! Okay, the first umbrella is a kids umbrella, but I would totally carry that bad boy! So cool. I threw in the classic second umbrella, with the pretty wood handle and the plaid. The third umbrella is by far the coolest on this list. It is made from recycled plastics and each one is completely different from any other one, not to mention, they come in sweet colors. I adore the fourth umbrella because it’s got an awesome floral pattern going on. The bright colors are just beautiful, and I would definitely use it as a parasol as well. The fifth umbrella I put up for Jess, just because of sunflower love.

Enough of the rain though, I have a spring, easter-y, happy day kit called, “Oh Hoppy Day” by Rainamoon Scraps. So cute!


Like I said, spring-y, right? The alpha is super adorable jelly beans, and there’s a great mix of colors for both boys and girls layouts. Plus, she incorporated doodles as well as some realistic elements. Have a look!

Butterfly Tree smallspring small

I don’t really have any easter photos left to scrap right now, (maybe after the holiday) so I kept looking, and my pipsqueak in her purple shirt was just the right color. And I had perfect inspiration from the butterfly tree the ladies had given me at the wedding shower last weekend, so I took some photos quick and threw those in! The butterfly on that LO is actually one of the ones from the tree that I extracted.

Head over to the store at Stuff to Scrap to pick up Oh Hoppy Day by Rainamoon Scraps, and then to the forums to do some scrapping!

Monday, March 28

Have you heard about bento?

I’m fascinated by this! I’ve seen pictures, read blogs, and now I’m totally and entirely caught up by this phenomena. Have a look and tell me what you think….

mosaic760d6644c54e446e97befe89778fd2ecf154c439(Source: Mimiwu on Flickr)

Umm, Yum! I am thrilled with this concept. Something that helps portion control, promotes healthy & colorful eating, and the money-saving convenience of making my own meals. All good things—all really good things. I’m totally confused when it comes to a few key components of these awesome lunches: rice, boxes, and time. Lets start at the beginning, I guess.

Rice: My mom is an amazing cook. She cooked professionally for a while, and still loves to entertain. I inherited some of her skill, but rice was not one of those. You see, I burn rice. Most always, my rice will turn out like this:

(Photo via Just.One.More.Bite.)

I honestly can’t do this. Yet. I want to be able to make rice. I love rice… so tasty! How on earth do I do this??? How can I manage to make rice without a HUGE rice cooker taking up valuable cupboard space?

Bento Boxes: They have every stinkin’ style of these possible!  I have found some I love, but I just don’t know if I can make that leap yet. I have seen some who just use Tupperware, or the locking food storage dishes. I’m not quite sure what to do, but I think I’m going to try using something I have for the time being, then if I get the hang of this I will find an actual bento box.

(Source: JList)

Time: So about that…. In the time it has taken me to write this blog post, I probably could have cooked enough meals for this week and complete a bento box for every lunch in this same amount of time. Where I lack time though, is in the morning, before leaving the house. Then I lack serious time. I’m more of a roll out of bed and put on whatever is comfortable, clean, and cute before leaving. Oh clock, you are not my friend.

(Even though you look SO tasty…. via ThisNext)

I am just dreaming right now, I suppose, but it all looks so tasty. I’m going to be hungry all through work now, but I suppose this all will have to wait until another day, and another lunch. But we’ll see I guess….

Saturday, March 26

This Very Moment…

I am in a crafting/sewing/planning/papering/decorating/drawing CREATIVE mood.

There are so many things I want to do right now that are swirling through my head, and with my weekend plans on hold from potential weather problems, I guess I have the time to do them!

Here’s what I’ve been drooling over…

The Aprons in this Book are fantastic! I love the different variations and ideas. It’s super inspiring. The pattern situation on the other hand is not quite as thrilling because they’re all pretty mismatched and overlapping. Oh well. Pattern-making skills to the rescue!

(Source: Amazon)

Projects for my Pipsqueaks… No photos here, mostly because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Jess passed on that Berti is still into drawing, and would like a carry-all for that. Lolo is still a mystery, but I have some ideas for him too. Be on the look out for those in the future.

I would love to have a french press so I can make this French Press insulating sleeve. There’s one that I’m hoping for someday, but for now I am just dreaming. *Le Sigh*

(Source: Moda Bake Shop)

This Quilt – Umm, if I could quilt, cut a straight line, or have that much stamina…. Can I do any of those things? No. So, for now, I dream.


(Source: JCaroline Creative & City Quilts by Cherri House)

Today has not been productive for any of these projects, but I’m bustling with ideas, so I guess we’ll see if tomorrow brings anything!

Friday, March 18

What’s going on today….

1) Registry.

I think this is going to suck the life out of me, but I’m amazed at all the different types of things that exist online, and how many choices there are for things as simple as salt and pepper grinders. It’s also lead me over to HelloKitchen, where I’ve been reading all of Cindy’s ideas and drooling over her tasty goodies.

She’s an architect, and features some really interesting remodels and projects on her site, so I’ve been searching out ideas that I can use in this little apartment, and get some idea for what I want/need on this registry, especially in the kitchen. This below the sink drawer is AMAZING, and I will definitely be keeping this in mind for when/if I get to design my own kitchen. Head over to her post @ HelloKitchen to see the rest of this inspiring kitchen.

(Source: HelloKitchen)

She’s also got a great checklist for reorganizing and decluttering your kitchen, in my case, it’s doing both, and helping me figure out what I need to register for. Leave her some love if you download and let her know just how awesome the site is!

2) Reading

It’s this darn Kindle…. I love it! I’m using it for class, which means lots of textbook readings, and pdf’s and note-taking. It’s been great for all of those things. But mostly I’ve been catching up on some of my own personal reading.  I’ve finished reading Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen (my favorite author), The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters by Barbara Silkstone, and The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise by Julia Stuart.


(Source: Amazon)

All were great, in their own quirky way, and I’m in the middle of Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen right now. This is a re-read, so it’s been a bit slower going because I know what happens, but all in all, still very good.

3) Menu Planning

I need to go grocery shopping. It’s true and terrible, but I do. I’m currently searching through my websites and cookbooks, making choices for the new recipes that I want to try this week. In the meantime, I’m also admiring an old link I have for a menu planner project. Over at Ollibird, they created an awesome planner that I can’t wait to actually put to good use.

They say to put it in a frame under glass and use a dry erase with it, but I’m thinking laminated magnet paper, and putting it right up on the fridge. Any other ideas?

For the time being, I’m dreaming of One-Pot Spaghetti and it’s tomato-y goodness.

4) Painting my Nails

I’ve been on a pretty good schedule of painting my nails since I got engaged. It’s not always a good look, depending on the color, but I have at least been trying to keep them trimmed, clean, and shiny.

mosaic5cd42a7d86566504a0f3a24060599011c9ac0c71(Source: All My Photos)

Clockwise from Top Left: Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel #210 “Jelly,” Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel #320 “Jaded,” Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure #410 “Lavender Cloud,” Essie Nail Lacquer #152 “Fiji,” Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Polish #805 “Grey Matter,” Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel #330 “Emerald”

I am in LOVE with these colors. Some of the brands are better than others, but I really like Revlon (can you tell?) because they have a really good consistency. I’ve been using Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea & Bamboo Strengthener for base and top coats. It’s great because it keeps everything shiny, and is great for filling some of the ridges I have in my nail beds.

That’s all for today, I guess. Take care all!

Thursday, March 17

It’s a day of good green things….

…and purple ones! First, I have a new project to show you, at the request of my dear future SIL.

While we were in Virginia last week, I picked up some fabric and buttons for a new kindle cover, and this is the result!


The Details: fully lined, front pocket, timepiece buttons, felt padded between layers, all finished edges, piping trim on the pocket, elastic button loops, and fold-over flap.


It’s was a really fun project when I got back, and it’s super snug, so I don’t feel like my kindle is in any danger. I might do a tutorial later, but I would need to make another case, so maybe not? I’m not sure.

I have a last quick promotion, and this one is actually green….

If you pop over to Carissa’s store (This Little Missy) at Stuff to Scrap, she has a surprise waiting for you.


I’m so excited to work with it! Expect to see LO’s in the near future, and I want to see yours as well. Link them back here, or up in the STS Gallery, so I can comment on your pretties!



Sunday, February 6

Reasons why I love Grey… or… A tale of Switzerland

I’m aware that the title is a bit ambiguous, but I’m goin’ for something here. I have a love of color. I was a semi-art student in high school, and thought about pursuing it further in college, but there were other plans in the works, so I kept art as a passion, not a job. I especially love me some neutrals, like Switzerland. Ha, Get it? Okay…

Back to the colorful neutrals… We actually didn’t spend very much time at all considering colors. We know what we like, and it was important that it was wearable, but fitting to our personalities. Here’s what we chose:

color palettecolor palette

You’re probably thinking to yourself, that’s not a color palette, that’s the whole rainbow! But we have primary colors (the first palette) that we refer to first for everything, and secondary colors (the second palette) that just keeps me from going insane staring at yellow all day. I’ve never been a fan of the weddings that look like this…



Matchy-matchy is not my style. I like things that compliment each other, a little contrast never hurt anyone! I will someday get an inspiration board up for you all to point and giggle at my goofy ideas, but in the meantime let me tell you how we ended up choosing grey.

I know that grey is a super popular color lately for weddings, but here’s why I felt like it worked for us:

1. While I look good in brown, I know my wedding guys & gals aren’t gonna want to rock it out in a color I know most of them won’t wear more than once.

2. The fab-oo color black has swooned me before, but I knew I wanted a really laid back wedding, and not so much a upscale classy affair. I felt like black was a little more “style” than we were looking for.

3. Classically, white is the wedding staple. I kept it around, obviously!, because I wanted a sweet white dress, but here’s why I love grey…

Grey can be so many things that other neutrals can’t. It’s warm and cold, happy and sad, and it fits well with so many themes (i.e. mod & vintage). So here’s to my lovely color grey, that I can’t seem to get enough of…

Oh, and a side note on my spelling… I found a great link-o to this site that I think puts it best:

Gray is a color… Grey is a *colour*

What colour drives you wild? Are you using it in other parts of your life than just your wedding? Are you crafting anything grey??

Thursday, January 20

I suppose I should introduce you….

Blog world, FiancĂ©. FiancĂ©, Blog world. Yep, we decided to make it official… back in August. So I’m a bit of a slacker, and there are quite a few people who haven’t heard our little tale, but I’m going to try my best to explain to you the hilarity of our engagement through photos.

Meet my darling dearest….


Now normally, he’s a very cool, collected kind-of guy. But he was actually rather twitchy and nervous. I may have suspected something was up, but honestly, I wasn’t going to ruin this for him. DSC01615

We put together a picnic, of much tasty name-brand goodness direct from the grocery store (yea, college kids!) DSC01617 

There is only one place in Brookings, apparently, to get engaged, and that is McCrory Gardens. We found a place far away from small children, lawn mowers, highway 14, and the people we could see and knew, but didn’t know we were here.DSC01619 DSC01620

The point of the afternoon was at my pleading of wanting to fly a kite before it got cold again. South Dakota unfortunately does not have a very long warm season, so I really wanted to make that happen. We decided to make an afternoon of it though, so after I got off work, I ran to drop some things off with friends (who not so ironically pestered me about when we were getting engaged) then back to the house to get ready for the day.

Garrett went and got cheap, plastic kites and he even got us tickets to go see the community theater youth production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that a good friend was directing for that night. After our picnic, we played some card games, enjoyed the weather, then he brought out the game that he had alluded to more than once over the previous week. He produced a pen, and a sheet of questions, and a blank crossword puzzle with a two letter clue that ended with a question mark.

Last I checked, that gives it away.

While not wanting to call him out about how obvious it was, I agreed to play along and complete the puzzle that was filled with historical and biblical questions, and get down to the clues that I was told I could ask for when I reached the end of the puzzle.

He painstakingly made me put the question all together, then said something sweet and before I even knew he had the ring, I was saying yes. You see,  we had been in Minnesota that previous weekend, where we had looked at rings, and he had assured me that they still needed to order the stone and he only had gone in to have the financing figured out.



I haven’t had the opportunity to take too many photos of the ring yet, so expect more to come, but for the time being this will have to suffice! DSC01626 DSC01627 The lighting isn’t the best, but it’s a natural blue sapphire in a white gold cathedral setting, exactly what we had been looking at with the jewelers. Love it.

So that’s our ridiculous tale, we’re engaged, and wedding planning, so there will be lots to hear from us coming up!