Monday, February 23

Tiene mucho estrés....

Super stressed right now, momentary rant....

Ahhh, what is it with professors that decide to pile all their work into one week?

Okay, now, please be praying for sanity! lol, :) I am determined to make it through this stressful week with a smile on my face and getting everything done. I'm sure it's possible, and I'm sure I'm capable, I just have to get that far, so please! be in prayer...

Side note: I have amazing people in my life. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 18


I've never fully understood the giving up something for Lent tradition, but I once had it explained to me that it's like fasting--you're giving up something to better focus on God. That being said, I like the idea.

But what to refrain from, or what to do? I now I feel like I've accomplished more when I get up earlier, and go to bed sooner, but I've already started in on doing that and I don't want to use that just so I'm not actually "doing" something for Lent.

What are ya'll doing for Lent? I could use some inspiration. I'm thinking about taking up walking for 20 minutes a day and doing some prayer while I'm at it. I don't know yet.

Anyways, quick prayer request:
Graduate schools and I are on the outs because of all this paperwork amidst my schoolwork. a.k.a, I'm having trouble getting everything sent in and getting organized which is difficult for me to deal with. (I prefer to be super organized!)
Also, I have some family experiencing some medical issues right now, and would appreciate prayers for health and good humor :)

Thanks ya'll!


Monday, February 16

9 Hours Later

Today has been productive, but not without it's difficulties. I spent 9 hours... mostly, on writing a very long paper while at work, trying not to be distracted. Needless to say, that did not happen! But it all worked out. I ended up getting in time at the library after work, enough to write two paragraphs of my spanish paper, a huge bonus. Afterwards, came home and took some wonderful pictures for photography class so that I have something to work with tomorrow in class. I thought I'd share some here, as well as continuously try to catch up on Keep Your Love Letters. Again, not doing so well there, but I'm vowing to do better (and catch up)!!! But here are some shots of the beautiful flowers that I've been receiving from a certain gentleman.



Ah, It makes me feel like spring is that much closer.

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Thursday, February 12

Under the Needle

So Schmig comissioned me for another army costume... sort of. I love it when she does this because it provides me with an opportunity to really play with my designs and come up with something different from the last one. Anywho, I'm done with the basic construction of the skirt, and I'll be doing some smaller embellishments to the skirt in the next week or so. In the mean time, I'm taking the sleeves off of the jacket, and trying to figure out the best way to make it into a vest. But anyways, thought I'd give a glimpse into what's under the needle.

Ha, apparently I am not above bribery

I'm bored.

Quite legitimately, Very very bored.

I'm excited for my classes, I'm excited for my extra-stuff, I honestly am. But the problem I'm having is that none of it is challenging any more. On top of that, I tend toward what is challenging. So I'm making a list...

5 Things I find challenging right now:
1. Sewing
2. Photography
3. My Friendships
4. Cleaning my house and keeping it clean
5. My Presentation in April

And I'm going to use this to balance my increasing amounts of boredom, hopefully. So that's my new challenge to myself, bust my boredom with self-bribery of challenging projects. Ha, apparently I am not above bribery, of myself that is.

On a stronger note, God is awesome. He's taking away a lot of negative in my life and changing it into safer places for me. He's also opening windows and doors to my life for me to let people in. While that is occasionally terrifying to me, I'm enjoying the experiences. Now I'm just asking for balance, and working on it with His help.


Sunday, February 1

To Be Relational....

God is creator of the universe. Heaven, Earth, all that Jazz. I know it in my brain and in my heart, but the part that I struggle with some days is that that includes me.

As I'm re-reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge I find bits of knowledge that my brain wasn't tuned into originally. I'm still making my way through the second chapter bit by bit, and I'm focusing in on how God is relational. Mostly focusing because He's repeated this theme to me time and time again in the past month or so.

It makes sense if you really think about it. Of course God is relational. But where do we see it?

Genesis 2:18 "Then the Lord God said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.'"

Ding, Ding, Ding! Isn't this the first sign? If we are created in God's image (Gen. 1:27) then why wouldn't He be relational?

Alright, second less obvious, more obtuse sign. The Trinity. The concept of the trinity, the 3-in-1 separate entities, shows us that God is relational to the core. He is constantly in a state of community with Himself. The relationship that He possesses with the Spirit and the Son shows people everywhere that they should be in community with one another. "No man is an island," I guess John Donne had a point.

But what does that mean for women? For me?

It's okay. It's okay to be relational, to be concerned, to care for people. The desire for details stems from our core of relation. We want to know more because we want to be involved in another's life because we care for them. God is relational. Let's replace "we" with "God."

God wants to know more because God want's be involved in OUR lives because God cares for us. So now I just need to work on letting Him in. I've had a lot of practice with new people in my world.