Tuesday, November 25

Big Decisions

It's time for an update! I have been consistently bad at updating this month, and semester as a whole, but I vow to be better at it.

I would update what's going on in my life better at this moment, but I'm waiting until thanksgiving to announce it to the family before it goes up here. Just know, that there are lots of big decisions to be made soon, and I could really use some prayer.

Also, I can update up on my GRE scores. When I took it the first time back in October I scored a 470 on the verbal, and a 610 on the quantitative. Well those just aren't the best for me, and I wanted to take it again. So yesterday, I did, and I scored a 490 on the verbal, and a 670 on the quantitative. It's not a superior improvement, but it is an improvement, and that was what I wanted. I feel like even though it wasn't a really significant change, I did well, and I can defend these scores with the rest of my education.

Thanksgiving is coming up! Enjoy the holiday, be safe in your travels, and HAVE FUN!


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