Tuesday, April 12

A Spring Cleaning Project

I have been a vegetable today, and filled with peanut butter saltines, YUM! I know, poor college kid diet, but it was just a snack between square meals. Over the last week though, I have been busy trying to get things up to date in my apartment. This has meant laundry, windows, hanging things on walls, etc. It’s the last part that has been the best though.

I have enjoyed the feel of the weight of a hammer in my hand swinging towards a tiny target being held against the wall. I love it. Overall, I’ve hung up 5 new pieces in my apartment, and I haven’t returned the hammer to the guys just yet. We’ll see what else gets put up in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, I want to show you the fruits of Friday’s labor. Have a look!



The key hooks, the wall hanging, and the jewelry screen all went up on Friday, and the Jewelry screen was my big project. I found the screen leaning against a tree in town this week (Spring Hauling in town) and picked it up. It’s HUGE, a little over 5 feet tall and three feet wide, but it’s fairly light, and had brackets screwed in at the top.

I snipped an inch or so of the screen on either side to slide the yellow ribbons through and attach to the back, and I hammered in nails across the center and top for hanging necklaces, then put up some of those awesome 3M Hooks.


Ahh. I love it! I’m using the ribbons for post earrings, and the screen for hooks. All my necklaces right now are on nails, except a few that need repairs. I don’t have any open spaces though, so as I get things I need to get rid of others, or take the whole thing down and put in more nails…. oooh, more hammering!

We’ll see right now I guess. No plans to buy new jewelry, but who honestly plans that? I can’t say I do.

Monday, April 11


I have a freebie for you today! I’ve been able to get some of my own scrapping work done lately, and my bestie has been asking for templates, so here they are! This pack has three separate templates, shown below, each in a flattened JPEG, flattened PNG, individual PNG layers, and PDN (Paint.Net).

Template Pack Preview

I also have some layouts with these templates, just so you can see them… They will look familiar, because I’ve used them for kits before. Like I said, at my bestie’s request these were made. Have a look!

Butterfly Tree small


I had Jess whip up a quick LO for this third template, and I say she definitely did an AWESOME job with it. I love it a ton!

4 AnimalsAnimalsAllAround SketchyTImes 11 mini

She rocked this LO, and I’m thrilled! Head over to 4shared to pick this up, and over to Jess’ blog, “Giggly PolkaDots” to see more of her layouts.

Sunday, April 10

A Bright and Sunshiny Day

And it has been, until last night. We were part of the first big spring thunderstorm this year, but with all the flooding in the area recently, I imagine everyone living outside of the city limits though is not quite as happy as I was. I love me some rain, and because of the recent weather, I’ve been thinking a LOT about umbrellas.

And the fact that I don’t have one.

So, I have been scouring the interwebs for these fabric & metal beauties, and I want to show you what I’ve found!


Sources from Left to Right: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Ummm, Awesome?! Okay, the first umbrella is a kids umbrella, but I would totally carry that bad boy! So cool. I threw in the classic second umbrella, with the pretty wood handle and the plaid. The third umbrella is by far the coolest on this list. It is made from recycled plastics and each one is completely different from any other one, not to mention, they come in sweet colors. I adore the fourth umbrella because it’s got an awesome floral pattern going on. The bright colors are just beautiful, and I would definitely use it as a parasol as well. The fifth umbrella I put up for Jess, just because of sunflower love.

Enough of the rain though, I have a spring, easter-y, happy day kit called, “Oh Hoppy Day” by Rainamoon Scraps. So cute!


Like I said, spring-y, right? The alpha is super adorable jelly beans, and there’s a great mix of colors for both boys and girls layouts. Plus, she incorporated doodles as well as some realistic elements. Have a look!

Butterfly Tree smallspring small

I don’t really have any easter photos left to scrap right now, (maybe after the holiday) so I kept looking, and my pipsqueak in her purple shirt was just the right color. And I had perfect inspiration from the butterfly tree the ladies had given me at the wedding shower last weekend, so I took some photos quick and threw those in! The butterfly on that LO is actually one of the ones from the tree that I extracted.

Head over to the store at Stuff to Scrap to pick up Oh Hoppy Day by Rainamoon Scraps, and then to the forums to do some scrapping!