Saturday, June 21


I'm finally home, and I'm finally enjoying relaxation! Brian, Cassie, Courtney, and Tyler came up with me. Brian is grilling up some habanero and teryaki burgers before we head out to the beach. Then I think that we're off to do some shopping, sandals, fire pit, etc. I'm psyched to see friends and get some things done :) I'm working in the camp kitchen next week, and I'm really excited to get to know our support staff and be able to work with them. It should be an awesome time. It's also our first family camp of the summer.

I have to ask for prayer again though. As a staff we are the core of the camp centered on God and kids. When even one of us is being attacked, the entire staff feels the pull. Pray for unity, and acceptance within the staff, as well as within families and campers.


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  1. i am sorry i never got to see u when u were home.
    things r busy here. it seems keeps moving, faster than desired. as does death; i regret to inform u (not sure if u were ever close w/ her) that Laura miller passed away this morning. she rolled her car,was ejected from it, and died of head injuries. keep me and amy in ur prayers, as her death effects us because of our past with laura. also her family; cant b easy to lose a sister/daughter/fiancee. Love u and miss u. hope all is well.