Tuesday, December 23

New Years Resolution, Part 1

So.... for pictures and to see my life updated far more often than here at The Half Eaten PB&J, check out my new co-blog keepyourloveletters.blogspot.com

Jessie and I decided to make a new years resolution to take at least a photograph a day, and to spur that on, we decided to start a blog together! Each of us will be posting a new photograph every day and eventually, I think our plan is to get into techniques and writing and all kinds of fun stuff, but we'll see what happens. So go take a look!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, it's been like FOREVER since you've updated this. What is going on woman? I miss you. I hope school is going well. I need help thinking of a new name for my blog. I can't be the bloated belly after the baby is born...well I guess I can but I don't wanna call myself fat :(
    Anyways. Love you babe.