Sunday, May 25

Crammed in like Sardines!

I'm at camp!
I'm at camp!

Okay, So it's finally official but I'm learning a lot of situational things that I wasn't counting on. Like living in a TINY room with 9 other girls and NO storage space. I should have figured, right? Oh well, It's all about the experience! I'm incredibly excited to be here and to begin working with the materials we're going to use for the summer. We really have just spent most of our time getting settled in and less of our time actually planning, but that is very soon to come. We have another camp that is arriving in just over 1/2 hour and already we're crammed in like sardines. Yay Camp!

As for other news, I still don't know anything about people coming to visit. But I do know that the camp holds a worship service and then hosts a really tasty brunch afterwards for the surrounding community. I was very priviledged and excited to meet some of our neighbors and their visitors. Okoboji is blessed to be in such an area with such a supportive community around us.

Summer is panning out slowly, and it still doesn't feel real yet. I'm really excited to meet everyone, I've already made "new friends" and building relationships with people I knew before. I will hopefully soon have my computer back so that I can be doing blogs daily, but for now I will leave you with some questions on the Kingdom.

What is God's Kingdom??
How do you receive God's Kingdom??
Who is the King??
What does the King do for us??

Now I'm not digging for the average bible school answer here. We're all adults and we can all participate with original input. I encourage you to visit Psalm 145:13 to see our theme verse, and also to view the entirety of Psalm 150 (just for kicks and giggles.) Love!! Have a good weekend!!


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