Tuesday, June 17


Alright, So this week I am on-site here at Okoboji. I'll update you on what's been going on with some fun little sidenotes here and there!

Welcome/Campers Arrive/Meet and Greet - Received 8 Campers.
Dinner - mmmmm tasty, hot diggity dogs & received 2 more campers.
Chapel - Welcome, Rules, & Counselor Musical? (We sang "A whole new world")
Devos - Esther, and the beauty pageant of the bible
Night Night :)

Staff Meeting - My devo on unity and Christ-like attitudes (Phillipians 2:1-18)
Chapel - Skits and Music and Message
Bible Study - Way off topic **PRAY**
Quiet Time
Free Time - Woot for flipping in a canoe, and chillin at the store
Aquamania - Kingdom, Queen, and Quest
Staff Talent Show - Skits and the Stitch voice
Campfire - Songs!
Devos - Favor (yay)
Put Ya Head In Da Bed

Staff Meeting - Mmmm Fruit Snacks
Cabin Cleaning
Chapel - Yea for skits and songs and Jon's awesome message
Bible Study - The cross illustration ~ Thanks Navs!
Quiet Time
Lunch - Mmmm Sloppy Jo's!
Freetime - Here and Now!

Yay, so it's free time now and I'm just chillaxin, check up on my email and my mail, and my miniature attention span. Prepping for bible study and activities for the rest of the week. I'm incredibly excited to really get to know these girls so if you could pray for us and our connection, it would be appreciated. Thanks Muchly!!!!


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