Tuesday, September 30

Uncomfortably at Peace

Okay, It's official. I'm busy.

I have two papers due this next week. One in Spanish, one in Women's Lit. Neither of them are easy :( Boo. Work takes up a lot of my time, and so does homework, but, I'm relying on a great and awesome God. I'm also waiting to see what the verdict on Britain is. I'm excited, and nervous, at the same time, if I don't go, I know that God has huge things in store here in SD for me.

My confirmation at First Luth has kicked off and we have our first "large group" meeting this week. I'm excited for them to get involved.

And!, My exciting day of my week comes from my Photography class, I'm so excited to pick up my pictures today and see how they turned out from our film walkabout last week. Once I get them today, I'll post some up here for ya'll to see :)

Love, God Bless.


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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your tests. If it makes you feel any better, Awesome Jessie doesn't have any tests :) Haha, Oh crap. I made myself laugh and my back is killing me and I am reminded of the painful brat I have growing inside. I guess I deserved that...Hmmmm...Anyways I wanna see your pictures woman! I love you babe.