Thursday, August 28

At least a glimpse

The Lord Provides. I have been so stressed about money, and making ends meet the past few years, and now I see at least a glimpse of what God has planned for me. He has provided government financial aid, that yes, I am going to have to pay off, but still, I am making ends meet in the black for once, AND getting a refund check :D God is good.

Keep my attitude in your prayers, especially while I am going into this year with new roommates and with new distance. Also, I am in the process of searching for a job, one that actually might maybe apply toward something I've learned this year rather than just playing with food and coffee some more. Not to say that I don't like it, but it just doesn't apply. Also, prayers for safe travels as I am traveling to Duluth, MN this weekend to see a friend that I haven't seen in a few years.

God Bless.


Wednesday, August 20

Once I Go Back


I feel like I need to follow the previous sentence with, "Ahoy Matey!" And then I change my mind. So anyways, the night is not so young and I cannot sleep. I've been thinking a lot about where I've been this summer and where I've grown. I've also thought a lot about who God has intended me to be, and what he wants to use me for. Not to mention that I'm angry at him, and very, very confused.

God very graciously blessed me with a lot of government provided financial aid, then took away the job that I had lined up for this semester. And now I'm left wondering what I'm supposed to do once I go back on monday. I know my head is somewhere else entirely, and my heart just isn't in it, but I just want to know that I'm safe. I just want to know and rely upon a God who is bigger than all of this. I know with His help, I can do it. I just need to be reminded everyonce in a while.

Prayers would be amazing about this situation, as well as for my travels over the next week or so, that there be no problems with moving, and that my spirits be lifted over the next few days. Thanks ya'll! Love.


Wednesday, August 13

In addition;

It's Official. I am in the last week of camp.

It has been an amazing summer. And it hasn't stopped here. God is teaching me so much about what Beauty really is, and about what being feminine actually means. I am so in love with Him and all that He has to show me. This year is going to be great. God has huge plans in store for Brookings this year, and I am excited to be a part of this. I just have to sit back and let him use me. *Joyful Sigh*

In addition; I have completed my Britain application and I am only in need of my transcript before I can submit it. Keep me in your prayers!

Also, a good friend of mine from Brookings just hurt her ankle and has a full schedule right now, so pray for quick healing as well as much needed rest. One more: A former coworker and good friend just had a baby: Praise God!!! :) Enjoy your week.

Love and God Bless


Sunday, August 3

Chillier Months

So the summer is drawing to a close, but I am excited to talk to many of my "friends" again. I feel like I got totally abandoned by most of them, save for a few. I could be reading the situation all wrong, but I'm excited at least to get back to the friends that I know are here for me and want to spend time with me. I'm also excited to step out into a world that desperately needs JC and proclaim his name. What will tomorrow bring? I don't know. But am I excited for it? yes!!!

The only thing stopping me right now is crappy congestion that at the moment is draining from my head to my chest. Going from super humid to A/C all the time is killing most of the staff, and I happened to have been the next target. It doesn't help that I was speaking for almost four hours yesterday; Sweet Quilt Auction Goodness!!!

Which leads me to my next topic. Quilts! We raised about $50,000 yesterday. and $530 of that was from me! I bought three quilts, so if you get one from me sometime in the next year, the money went to a great cause! Also, I got one for myself (spent way too much money on it) but it was worth every penny. I cuddled up to it last night, and it really did feel wonderful. I'm excited for chillier months so I can wrap up with it more often.

As for chillier months; I have received word that my last reference letter for Britain is in the mail and should arrive this week, which means I CAN APPLY FOR BRITAIN FINALLY!!! As many of you know, this has been something that I have been incredibly excited about since I found out about the oppportunity back in April. Keep this is your prayers please!

Also, be praying for a friend of mine who's father was in a car accident. As well as the ministry that's going on here for the next two weeks, and for plans of staff afterwards.