Tuesday, May 27

Sweet Chicken

Inspired by the random conversations of the staff lounge; we begin.
Everything is kicking off as we begin to plan the days of the week that will be executed at all three camps throughout the summer. I've been assigned to Thursday with an outstanding group of people to create two skits, a bible study, and the morning chapel setup. We're focusing in on how God transforms us, physically, spiritually, etc. and we have had some really good ideas just from brainstorming this morning. I will update more tonight about what goes on this afternoon.

Since being at camp (three days now or so, lol) I've had a hard time sleeping, and have been struggling with what to study in my own time alone with God. Previously, I've been working my way through the 1 Corinthians 13 verses on perfect love, and not getting all the way through it, i have surprisingly felt unwilling, or unwanting, to continue in it for now. In high school, I read a book with a group of people concerning the story of Esther, and am returning to it, to see what I can rekindle. Reading through Esther this morning was like reading a gripping story, making things come together like a good fairytale. I encourage any of you women to read it, and to pick up the book For Such A Time As This. Love and Awkward Confusion?



  1. Hey babe, I didn't read the blog, too lazy, but I'm writing to you anyways :)
    I'm getting ready to send you your clothes and your b-day present and some other crap I think that you need :) It might be a little while cuz we are currently strapped for cash. Eric say I can definately send everything in June when we get our check. Until then I'm still going to get every thing boxed up for you. I'm writing you a letter or two as well. You should get them soon :)
    Love you babe

  2. Oh and I already have the address, don't worry about sending it to me...Oh and I love the idea of you letting me borrow your swimmy suit this summer :) Please :)

    Love always babe