Wednesday, May 28

What we're here to do

Insanity is ensuing. Not really. I'm actually really excited that we're almost done with Thursday! We've got our theme verse (2 Corinthians 3:18b) set to the tune of the limbo song, we're about 2/3 done with our bible study, and our chapel skit is finished, but our campfire skit is still in the works. Pray that the decisions we've made will change lives; because that's what we're here to do!

Oh, and I got new shirts at the "camp store" because I need Okoboji shirts to replace my Lebanon shirts :)

More later hopefully?


Tuesday, May 27

Sweet Chicken

Inspired by the random conversations of the staff lounge; we begin.
Everything is kicking off as we begin to plan the days of the week that will be executed at all three camps throughout the summer. I've been assigned to Thursday with an outstanding group of people to create two skits, a bible study, and the morning chapel setup. We're focusing in on how God transforms us, physically, spiritually, etc. and we have had some really good ideas just from brainstorming this morning. I will update more tonight about what goes on this afternoon.

Since being at camp (three days now or so, lol) I've had a hard time sleeping, and have been struggling with what to study in my own time alone with God. Previously, I've been working my way through the 1 Corinthians 13 verses on perfect love, and not getting all the way through it, i have surprisingly felt unwilling, or unwanting, to continue in it for now. In high school, I read a book with a group of people concerning the story of Esther, and am returning to it, to see what I can rekindle. Reading through Esther this morning was like reading a gripping story, making things come together like a good fairytale. I encourage any of you women to read it, and to pick up the book For Such A Time As This. Love and Awkward Confusion?


Monday, May 26


Things are finally truly underway here and they are EXCITING! I honestly am crazy about getting things together, writing bible studies, making skits, etc. etc. and being a part of the ministry here. Keep planning in your prayers as the days continue.

As promised, I am going to now blog about googlable (sp?). We had a converation the other day pondering the use of google for a phrase such as googlable:

"Is the word Googlable googlable?"

Wonderful. Joyous jokes already.

Prayer Requests:
Group Unity
Continued time together
Small Spaces

Oh. Sidenote. Britian application is on it's way to being completed. I'm so excited!!!


Sunday, May 25

Crammed in like Sardines!

I'm at camp!
I'm at camp!

Okay, So it's finally official but I'm learning a lot of situational things that I wasn't counting on. Like living in a TINY room with 9 other girls and NO storage space. I should have figured, right? Oh well, It's all about the experience! I'm incredibly excited to be here and to begin working with the materials we're going to use for the summer. We really have just spent most of our time getting settled in and less of our time actually planning, but that is very soon to come. We have another camp that is arriving in just over 1/2 hour and already we're crammed in like sardines. Yay Camp!

As for other news, I still don't know anything about people coming to visit. But I do know that the camp holds a worship service and then hosts a really tasty brunch afterwards for the surrounding community. I was very priviledged and excited to meet some of our neighbors and their visitors. Okoboji is blessed to be in such an area with such a supportive community around us.

Summer is panning out slowly, and it still doesn't feel real yet. I'm really excited to meet everyone, I've already made "new friends" and building relationships with people I knew before. I will hopefully soon have my computer back so that I can be doing blogs daily, but for now I will leave you with some questions on the Kingdom.

What is God's Kingdom??
How do you receive God's Kingdom??
Who is the King??
What does the King do for us??

Now I'm not digging for the average bible school answer here. We're all adults and we can all participate with original input. I encourage you to visit Psalm 145:13 to see our theme verse, and also to view the entirety of Psalm 150 (just for kicks and giggles.) Love!! Have a good weekend!!


Friday, May 23

Still Packing

Ah. I leave tomorrow. Well, later this morning really. I'm excited, and nervous cause I'm still packing. I haven't blogged near as much as I'd like to, but it's all working out in my head. Hopefully, a.s.a.p. I can set up a series of blogs to come up during the week when I'm working. I'm exhausted and still finishing packing though, so I'm off for a nap! Have a wonderful Memorial weekend!


Wednesday, May 21

Thinking Ahead

I am not thinking about camp right now. I am thinking about school, and how excitingly promising the next year looks. The final year looks! At current moment I am going to be taking these classes in the fall:

Spanish Linguistics
Women in Literature
Renaissance & Reformation (History)
Contemporary Europe (History)
Introduction to Photography/Intro Lab

It's amazing to me that I'm only enrolled in 14 credits and I am LOVING it so much. Ha. The spanish class and the photo class are the ones I am most excited about. If I can get ahold of the pictures I took of Liberty and Jessie in Nebraska I will most definitely post them soon. As for second semester of next year, I'm going to apply for a study abroad in Manchester, England. Pray! I cannot do it alone, Lol.


Resting on the Promise

Swimsuits have been found. Shorts have been purchased. Life is less stressful. I'm still resting on the promise of an everlasting kingdom, and that is a serious comfort.

I'm so happy for all of your well wishings for the summer and I want to ask you all to pray for a few things:

1) Campers - Understanding of the concepts, desire to learn, fun and safety.
2) Staff - Cohesiveness, depth, desire to lead, words, stamina.
3) Parents - Nuturing faith (before, after, and during), growth, understanding.
4) Churches & Communities - Nurturing faith, building, future endeavors.

It would be incredibly appreciated if all of you could keep these in your prayers throughout the summer. Anything I can pray for you about???


Tuesday, May 20

The Hunt Is On....

And I am soon to be the victim. Fashion victim that is. I have theorized that unless you are a supermodel and you know you look great in spandex, it was not made to flatter anyone! So as my search for not only one, but two one-piece swimsuits before the summer begins, I am flabbergasted at it's impossibility. Blah. I shall find one.

Anyways, onto more pressing news. Camp's theme for the summer is Kingdom Come. We are exploring the verse Psalm 145:13:

"For Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. You rule throughout all generations. The LORD always keeps His promises; He is gracious in all He does."

I think it's an awesome verse to use to base this summer on. It brings a lot of hope to the table, and allows for room and growth in the promises listed; First being an everlasting kingdom.

How amazing to think that no matter the earthly destruction, no matter our sin, no matter our unworthiness, the Kingdom always exists. Always has, Always will. Nothing can destroy that. What a comforting thought to sleep on.

Goodnight All! Pleasant Dreams,


Monday, May 19

Changes and Summer Functionality

Formerly, this has been a political blog, with occasional tidbits intermixed. (I still totally want you to read my random chaos if you'd like!) As the semester came to an end, changes are being made and new ideas and plans are surfacing. In the fast coming future, I will be counseling at Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp and am super excited for the coming weeks of summer. I plan to schedule postings of what the camp plans are for the week, what we're discussing, and things that happen during the week. That's the plan at least. Hopefully, all goes according to actual plan and I can schedule the posts during the week.

I will "live update" every weekend hopefully; events, quotes, amazing moments, etc. and I want to keep all of you involved in my life over the summer. I will also read my comments as often as possible, and I'd encourage all of you to start a blog of your own. If you do, let me know and I'd love to keep up with you!

To my knowledge, my phone use is limited to weekends, and I will hopefully be in touch then. Because my phone will be off during the week, leave a message to make me smile.

One last thing, I'm planning on adding pictures whenever I can, so if you see a picture you'd like a copy of, email me or leave me a comment and I'll hopefully mail one off to you asap!

Keep Reading, and Keep in Touch!