Sunday, July 13

Fried Phone

Good July Everybody!

It has been a busy few weeks here at Okoboji and I apologize for my lack of posts! This past week I was on a day camp in Brookings, SD where I attend school, and had a blast. And this coming week I will be on-site here at Okoboji for a week of only 50 campers. Keep the counselors in your prayers (here, Ingham, and day camps)!

Other news, I have fried my phone but will soon have a new one; Hopefully. Wish me luck. Enjoy your week and expect more posts soon!




  1. Hey girl, How was Wall-E? Did you like the package I sent you? When is the date your asking me about? I would love to be able to do something. I'm sorry your phone died. How exactly did you fry it?
    Glad your still having fun at camp. I will talk to you later babe.

  2. Hey kiddo, I called Asurion and your phone is coming through US Postal, camp must not of accepted your package when you where gone. If they don't sign for it this time you can pick it up at the local post office. Nice Blog, we'll see you soon!