Thursday, June 5


Alright! The second week is coming to an end. Ingham staff is leaving us as group for the last time, and news is flying through my atmosphere from everywhere. To let those of you that have asked about Britain know, I have not recieved my recommendations back yet, and my application is "paused" until all parts are recieved because they must be sent as one package. So pray for speedy return, and words of worth as well as positivity.

Continued prayer requests are for unity as a staff now that we have junior counselors here, as well as within the women where some cliques are now starting to form. Also the campers, as the summer kicks off, that the Lord is preparing their hearts and minds for the messages he has for them; especially Confirmation campers as that is our group for the first week of summer starting sunday.

New prayer requests brought to me recently have been, praise for my "little brother's" graduation! Shannon recently graduated with many honors from his high school and will be moving on to university soon. So pray for him as he's entering the world of higher education, lol. Also, a very close friend of mine's cousin is struggling through suicide, and is currently on three days of no visitation in the hospital from his most recent attempt. So pray for his family as they're struggling, as well as for him, and the doctors as they are working with him.

Camp news! we had our staff banquet last night and got fanciy-ified. then campfire and the "mime." Mime is essentially a really really long human video. For a good example, here is a human video with the song Everything by Lifehouse:



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