Wednesday, May 21

Thinking Ahead

I am not thinking about camp right now. I am thinking about school, and how excitingly promising the next year looks. The final year looks! At current moment I am going to be taking these classes in the fall:

Spanish Linguistics
Women in Literature
Renaissance & Reformation (History)
Contemporary Europe (History)
Introduction to Photography/Intro Lab

It's amazing to me that I'm only enrolled in 14 credits and I am LOVING it so much. Ha. The spanish class and the photo class are the ones I am most excited about. If I can get ahold of the pictures I took of Liberty and Jessie in Nebraska I will most definitely post them soon. As for second semester of next year, I'm going to apply for a study abroad in Manchester, England. Pray! I cannot do it alone, Lol.


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  1. I wanna go to england!

    I Wanna Go To England!