Tuesday, May 19


Hey all! Here are some pictures!

This is the garage just next to the entrance to the apartment. I love the message. This isn´t graffiti, but all the graffiti here is mostly positive. On the sides of the freeways/highways, it´s all "te amo ..." (i love...) and in the cities, it´s a lot of names, like Jake, or Okey. And then there are pictures. Some are stencil art like the famous Banksy, birds or my favorite are these two creepy little girls done in black and white on an abandoned building near La Plaza del Virgen.

These are some of the fountains that are in the Park of Arts and Sciences up here. At one time it was used for the America´s Cup soccer games, and now it´s just a HUGE park that runs through the north of the city. We went for lunch one afternoon, got totally lost, and found El Corte Ingles (a really big spanish Macy´s).

This was the view from one of the towers in Peñíscola. Very Beautiful, no?

This is the whole group on one of the steps at Peñíscola.

Hope you´re having a great day, may God bless it!


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