Saturday, April 4

Hostel Search

Ah, I'm finally getting a chance to cool off, a little to literally with the snow. I have enjoyed this past week more than I could believe, but it's now time to prep for more craziness, with some of my recent decisions.

As many people have discovered, I decided to stay in Brookings for another year... Big deal for me. But I'm really waiting on God to open some doors up for me. Literally in this situation, I'm apartment searching. Please be praying.

On that same note, we are doing the hostel search for Barcelona this week. Annie and Ashley had their door open with a great price on their airline tickets this week, and so now we're praying for God to drop something in our lap with this place to stay. I feel like no matter where He puts us, we can be used, in both the hostel and the city. So we'll see what happens.

God Bless,


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