Sunday, June 21

Come Together

When the spirit moves, the spirit MOVES!

God is amazing. Without a doubt, this entire trip is in his plans and his hands. I´m excited to be involved with Lokal! We went to church this morning, not only were we greeted warmly, but without a doubt, God has placed us here with purpose. The pastors there are both American, and many members are bilingual. Everyone is willing to at least try english for our sake, and many are surprised to find out that both Annie and I speak spanish (and fairly well)!

Service this morning was amazing as God really spoke through their pastor who just got back from the US for three weeks. We talked about falling to sin, and the process that David took as he fell with Bathsheeba. The entirety of the sermon was in spanish, but Lokal provided a translator for various people in the audience who didn´t speak the language, or not well enough to understand. I tried to tough it out, and got most of the main points. The Lord is moving in that place though.

It´s amazing to see a church of believers with purpose. They are not without their sins and their struggles of course. But it´s different here in Spain. You are catholic, or you are atheist (generally of course). And for a group of nearly 100 people to come together to worship our Father, is an amazing amount of intent in just one room! God has rocked these lives, and everyone there is desperately seeking him. It´s not like entering so many of the churches in the US where people go out of obligation, guilt, or tradition. People here desire to be in those chairs, singing at the top of their lungs, and worshipping the Lord that has saved them. Praise Jesus!!

Keep us in your prayers as we begin fully diving into the world that is awaiting us.


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