Monday, February 16

9 Hours Later

Today has been productive, but not without it's difficulties. I spent 9 hours... mostly, on writing a very long paper while at work, trying not to be distracted. Needless to say, that did not happen! But it all worked out. I ended up getting in time at the library after work, enough to write two paragraphs of my spanish paper, a huge bonus. Afterwards, came home and took some wonderful pictures for photography class so that I have something to work with tomorrow in class. I thought I'd share some here, as well as continuously try to catch up on Keep Your Love Letters. Again, not doing so well there, but I'm vowing to do better (and catch up)!!! But here are some shots of the beautiful flowers that I've been receiving from a certain gentleman.



Ah, It makes me feel like spring is that much closer.

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