Saturday, August 15

Get Up and Move

I have officially failed at being a good blogger. Do you forgive me blog-world? I read you daily, and long to come up with clever and witty posts like many other bloggers out there, but am usually filled with laziness and other things to do. Can we start over?


What has God been teaching me, you ask?

Well, That He is HUGE. That He is Important. That I don't rely enough upon Him.
I've been listening to Generation Church Podcasts (which you can find here) especially the older ones from Judah Smith. And one of the ones (sorry I can't remember which, I'll update later and let you know) talks about how much of our faith depends on us. How much WE can do. How much WE can give up. And it reminds me how many of the sentences I hear and say everyday that start with "I"... But what about you? Or Him? Or Her? What about everyone else? When do we start living out verses like John 15:13, "There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."

When? When it's convenient? When it's easy? When it's fun?

Why not today? My issue lately has been that I haven't been feeling challenged. See, that whole sentence is focused on me. God's issue when it comes to my life, is that I haven't been focused on Him. That in itself is a challenge. Things change from a different point of view. Don't be afraid to get up and move around a bit.

That's what God is teaching me lately,

"Don't be afraid to get up and move around a bit."

Be Challenged by God, Be Challenged to be a reflection of who He is in every single moment. Maybe then our sentences won't feature "I" as much.



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