Sunday, May 17

I´m here!!!!

Alright, this might just be the longest post that I´ve ever done. Sorry! Read on for more info about my adventures!

I arrived two days ago, exhausted! Coley and I had to run (literally) to catch our flight from Madrid to Valencia. But we made it. We waited for a little over three hours for the rest of the group to show up, and so far all has gone mostly without a hitch! The first day, we drove into town and met our "madres" and moved in. Chelo is very sweet, but doesn´t speak any english, and we seem to be getting along just fine! I´m very excited to be living with her, and learning about this culture. That night we went out for dinner, drinks, and exploration. Let me tell you, exploring has never seemed so tedious. We walked for about 40 minutes to get from the far side of the center of the city to Chelo´s. After that, there was no question, we were going to sleep!

The next morning was no rest either, we got up early to quickly visit the market and buy beach towels before we were whisked away to Los Torres de Serranos to meet the bus for Peñíscola, to go to the beach. It was blast and the castle was so beautiful. Pictures will be up soon! Without a doubt, we had a great day laying on the beach, lauging at wakeboarders, and exploring. Last night we were exhausted again and just decided to crash. We had Arroz con pollo yesterday for dinner and it was delicious! Today, most things are closed because it´s sunday, but found and internet cafe right around the corner from where we live, and we´re off to find our school and explore the city a little after this. I pray all is well at home, and everyone is enjoying their days! Take care. See you soon!


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  1. Yes! I'm so pleased to hear your loving it! Write often and send photos, too. Praying for you for a beautiful and safe trip, all my love Mom