Tuesday, May 12

Tedious and Tough

I am leaving in two days.

I really didn't ever think this week would actually come. But it's here!! It's time for packing, and saying goodbye, and getting nervous. I've been "pre-packing" tons and tons. Organizing and choosing has been a bit tedious and tough, but I'm getting there. I'm trying to prep for what God has in store for me in Barcelona, but I'm just not sure what that is yet, or how to prep for it. So in the meantime, God and I are just kind of going with the flow, waiting to see what happens.

I've been reading Genesis with G though, one chapter at a time. It's different re-reading the stories from sunday school, seeing what was left out, what lead up to it, where it fits.... It's been giving me an interesting perspective.

Oh, and I got a hair cut.

Anyways, I've received almost $450 for the Barcelona trip, and I'm super excited because we've been in touch with a few different groups and have found a couple churches to work with! The time is getting closer and I'm more and more excited to be on my way :D

More later, God Bless,


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