Wednesday, February 18


I've never fully understood the giving up something for Lent tradition, but I once had it explained to me that it's like fasting--you're giving up something to better focus on God. That being said, I like the idea.

But what to refrain from, or what to do? I now I feel like I've accomplished more when I get up earlier, and go to bed sooner, but I've already started in on doing that and I don't want to use that just so I'm not actually "doing" something for Lent.

What are ya'll doing for Lent? I could use some inspiration. I'm thinking about taking up walking for 20 minutes a day and doing some prayer while I'm at it. I don't know yet.

Anyways, quick prayer request:
Graduate schools and I are on the outs because of all this paperwork amidst my schoolwork. a.k.a, I'm having trouble getting everything sent in and getting organized which is difficult for me to deal with. (I prefer to be super organized!)
Also, I have some family experiencing some medical issues right now, and would appreciate prayers for health and good humor :)

Thanks ya'll!


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