Thursday, February 12

Ha, apparently I am not above bribery

I'm bored.

Quite legitimately, Very very bored.

I'm excited for my classes, I'm excited for my extra-stuff, I honestly am. But the problem I'm having is that none of it is challenging any more. On top of that, I tend toward what is challenging. So I'm making a list...

5 Things I find challenging right now:
1. Sewing
2. Photography
3. My Friendships
4. Cleaning my house and keeping it clean
5. My Presentation in April

And I'm going to use this to balance my increasing amounts of boredom, hopefully. So that's my new challenge to myself, bust my boredom with self-bribery of challenging projects. Ha, apparently I am not above bribery, of myself that is.

On a stronger note, God is awesome. He's taking away a lot of negative in my life and changing it into safer places for me. He's also opening windows and doors to my life for me to let people in. While that is occasionally terrifying to me, I'm enjoying the experiences. Now I'm just asking for balance, and working on it with His help.


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