Monday, January 25

Project #2

Sweet! Two projects completed…

Granted, I did them both over Christmas break. But they’re both complete! So, project #2 is a makeup brush roll that folds over and ties up to keep it all neat and tidy.

Here’s my fabric all neat and tidy…  DSC00015

And a better look at the patterns…DSC00016

Here’s rolled up, and unrolled with the flap-action! DSC00152 DSC00154

And open! As you can tell, it’s a little bit messy from use, but that’s the bonus of making this one. I know that I can throw it into the washing machine and pull it out and re-use. Yay.


This is just my dorky, artsy shot that I got excited about because you can see the top stitching that I did so well on with my machine. It was one of the few things that day I happened to plan ahead of time and execute.DSC00159 

So yea, that was project #2 and it was super, super easy.  Sweet.

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