Sunday, January 24

Resolutions and Project #1

So, I’ve been a crap poster.

Duly noted.  Moving on. I am going to complete 52 projects this year. As well as lose weight, eat healthier, work harder in class, etc.

So project #1 was a case for the new camera that I received for Christmas…

My shnazzy Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot is now the star in my little crafting world. You see, back in September, I was planning to do a photo shoot for a friend’s band, and my crummy old camera dismissed itself from this world. All annoyances aside, I have a new one, and He is happy to show you all about his new home!

So this is the final product….

DSC00035 DSC00030

It’s quite wonderful to say the least, although it reminds me how small this camera is all too often.  Oh well… I love it. It’s just the right shade of cheery green with pops of orange and pink and white.

The loops are more complicated than they look. They were attached at the back, and the lower loop wraps around the front of the case and slides over the outer loop so that I have a wrist strap.  It works out pretty wonderfully if I do say so myself.

It was intended to have a little slip pocket along the back, but I got overly excited and forgot to put it in… Oops.

All fudges aside, I’m pretty fond of it.

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  1. I look forward to seeing all you can do!!
    Like the first two so far =]
    Love ya, Emma