Sunday, April 4

A Week of Freebies!

So, I mentioned earlier that over spring break, Jess and I created a few full kits to put up together. Well, here’s our first kit!

World, I would like to introduce you to Garden Party

Preview small

We were so psyched about being together, and Jess designing for the first time, that not only are we both designing parts of Garden Party, but we also created some extra goodies! We have an add-on:

Preview Small

plus an alpha, some word arts, and quick pages!

It will be a busy DL week around here, so make sure to go see Jess over at Giggly PolkaDots today for her part, and come back to both of our sites and check out the rest of our freebies!!!

And just a little incentive to go and visit Jess…


See you tomorrow!

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