Wednesday, April 7

Project #4 – Completed, with Photos!!

As posted previously, this project was the Women’s retreat that happened just two short weekends ago.  It was a huge success! We had 16 women in attendance as we learned about Following the Leader, and the promises that He has for us! I was super excited to meet some of our amazing international students, and get to know the girls that I already knew better! Check it out!!

DSC00618 DSC00640 DSC00647 DSC00666 DSC00674 DSC00681 DSC00683 DSC00692 DSC00694

I know it’s a ton of photos, but look at all the fun we had!!! There might be some other photos that pop up here and there, just because they’re still floating in, and they’re amazing! We had an awesome time. Be looking out for another update of this project with the different things we studied :)

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