Monday, April 26

Oh, the things I wish I had photos of…

Attention Men of the World...
(and mothers raising little boys)


I can't explain my disgust towards male undergarments in words very well, but sound effects and onomatopoeias like "blech, urgh," and my personal favorite, "aulgh," all state my affections toward them very well. Why am I so annoyed by this you ask?

When I am driving to campus, I rarely expect to see people that make me stop and notice them, unless they are planning to cross the street or walking precariously on the edge of a sidewalk. The problem I am having is when, in a distance of only 4 short blocks, I see 5 men with their pants buttoned around their thighs. I wish I had a lineup photo of them, just to show you for comparison's sake to a man who's pants are in the proper location. You have to wonder at this point how they can even walk.

In those 4 blocks, I found myself saying, "did you just forget to pull them up this morning?" and "are you having bowel issues that wearing pants properly would constrict you from dealing with?" Its disgusting I know, but so is the fact that I can tell you who makes your briefs.

I know, I've now ranted and raved for almost 5 paragraphs about something that seems insignificant, but its no wonder that we are mocked by the rest of the world, let alone the jokes we crack about ourselves! No one can take you seriously with your butt hanging out of your pants.


  1. I completely agree! Whenever I see a guy with his pants below his butt, I always want to walk up to him and yank them up. It drives me crazy!!1

  2. hahaha AWESOME. This made me laugh. And I totally agree. :)

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ... ditto !! and I live in Australia!!!!! Do you have people who sit on the gutter at bus stops??? We do ... I feel like asking them if they have lost their legs, lol !