Monday, April 19

The Computer Killer will Scrap again!

*Sob* I am a computer killer! You may be wondering, "How, if you are a computer killer, are you using a computer to blog?"

Here is my answer to that. I killed G's computer. Not mine. UGH!

Okay, so I'm overreacting a little bit. But not much. What has actually happened is the spindle is stuck. Yep, I'm not a techie, but I'm dating one. So let me explain.

There is a little thingy (like my technical terminology?) that spins within an HD, and there are other things as well, but if the little thingy don't spin, you don't get no data.

For now, this means no photos, no scrapping, no previous homework assignments, no in-progress homework assignments. And a whole lot of looking like I'm making excuses.

Anyways, there are some great things going on at STS in the meantime!


Hope you all can make it!

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