Sunday, September 5

Project #14 – A Log of Links

I promised G’s mother that I would post my list of crafting links, and so I have been dutifully collecting them all together to post them since May. Whoops…. Three months later, I have come sort of close to completing this project…

Ruffled Pillow

Basic Pillowcases

Classic Tote

Towel Robe

Yoga Mat Bag

Ponytail Scarf

Laptop Sleeve

Diaper/Messenger Bag

Ruffle Apron

Half Apron

Tulle/Crinoline Skirt

Stuffed Mouse & Clothes


Spring Ruffle Top

Cloth Baby Shoes

Short list, right? These are just the recent projects that I’m considering digging into, but let me tell you where I get my project ideas from…

Craftster – I love this community. It can be a little overwhelming to navigate, but if you’re just in the mood to be crafty, you will find something here that you can do in that period of time. The nice thing about Craftster is that more often than not there are photos, if not a tutorial. I also love that they cover the gamut of crafting, from clothes to knitting, and arts to paper projects. Love it.

How About Orange – Talk about a fabulous blog. Jessica Jones is a designer who just happens to blog about some amazing things on the world wide webs… Not to mention passes on some great tutorials for crafting, decorating, etc. She even does the rest of us crafters a favor at times and groups a bunch of tutorials together. I LOVE her obsession about orange as well… just saying…

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