Friday, June 11

Time is of the Essence!

So I have a super retro oven. It’s actually a pretty cool… but, I have no timer. I don’t mind using my cell phone, although often enough it seems I can’t find it when it’s going off, so that is a major distraction when you have something cooking away in the oven. As such, I am in the market for a kitchen timer. I know, I could go to Wal-mart, buy whatever they have available, and just live with it. But you all should know by now that I’m not that kind of girl…

So, off to the world wide interwebs I went in search of an awesome timer, and here is what I’ve found!

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Kikkerland Tape Timer Egg Timer “Timey”

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Magnetic Timer Dual Timer

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Hourglass Digital Timer Wine Barrel Timer

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Terraillon Mini-Timer Dual Timer

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Apple Timer Magnetic Retro Timer

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Bobblehead Timer Four Station Timer

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Starbucks Timer Telephone Timer tjia1258163381078

Retro Wall Clock & Timer Mr. Long Leg Fruit Clock

They cost anywhere from $7 to $35 and each has their own personal flair. I’m so torn about what it is that I want, I’d love some suggestions! I really love the Magnetic Retro Timer (yellow, of course!), Hourglass Digital Timer, Red Stand-Up Dual Timer, Kikkerland Tape Timer, and the Retro Wall Clock & Timer, but they’re all great. Let me know what you’d pick!

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