Wednesday, June 9

Dum Dum Du-Dum! Here Comes Project #10


How’s that for a teaser?? I love the way this project turned out, even amidst all the other stresses of life. I was asked to help a friend with her wedding shower this may, and I knew I wanted to do something awesome for the invitations. Why? Well, I’m a firm believer that first impressions are incredibly important, and I wanted the shower to make a good first impression. Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a HUGE nerd. But a crafty one.

So I went scouring the interwebs for someone else’s fabulous idea and came across this one over at WeddingBee. Well, I fussed and fidgeted with the template for what seemed like YEARS (okay, so it was only a week), only to no avail. I got very frustrated and gave up for a few days. Then I started to get psyched about the big day coming, and got on board with finishing these things and got them sent out. We had decided on a “pots, pans, and pinups” theme for the shower and I went right ahead and made these bad boys to fit. Take a look…


The “Pinups” card had a recipe card that I asked guests to fill out and bring back with their gifts for Takara. I apparently struggle to take photos of the third page with no hands :)

John (her fiancé) was coming into town with her, as usual, and wanted to be a part of the shower without having to play shower games, for any reason. So we decided to put on a BYOM barbecue for the guys to come and join all of us over at a nearby friend’s home. I whipped up some postcard size invites lickety-split and dropped one in with all the invitations, then sent them on their merry way!



Finding paper was the part that took the absolute longest, aside from making my printer work with such heavy weight paper. I ended up using a cardstock that I bought from a local scrapbook store. I loved the extra little bit that the texture added to the invitations so much, I used the scraps from cutting down the 12x12’s to print off the bbq invites. Stitching the edges of the invites was the easiest part of the project, and something I think I’m definitely going to incorporate into future paper projects, because I loved the results.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. *LOVE* these! Nice work! In fact, I'm loving all your projects. You are so clever and creative! Thanks for sharing!