Friday, July 9

One thing I believe…

I believe love is the most basic human ability.

I think that there are too many people in the world who believe that humans are inherently evil. I just can’t believe that. I can’t live my life, serving a God who is bigger than all things, and believe that what he created is evil. Even with the understanding of sin, and the fall of man, I don’t think people can have such an overwhelming desire to be loved, if they weren’t capable of loving in the first place. Am I saying we’re loving all the time? No. I fail miserably at being able to love in even some of the easiest situations. Some days, I even feel burdened to love, which is a terrible thing at times, but it teaches me. It teaches me to look at everything differently. To not see the world just as it is, but to look for the things that I can’t always see at first glance.

No, this isn’t some crazy piece of anything, it’s what I think about when I watch movies like, “I Am Sam.” When I see how innocent the world is, and how cruel we make it. It reminds me of these things, and memories from my momma’s garden in the backyard. The chance to explore something different every year. The ants on the peonies, the new blooming snapdragons, the ever growing rhubarb. Sometimes I still wish I could just plunk myself down in those gardens, and never leave. Just look up at the sky, and dream about a world that doesn’t report bad news every night, and lets wonder and awe run rampant. That’s why I believe love is the most basic human ability. Because not loving takes the glow from every other piece of life away and leaves it empty. There is still so much in the world that glows, we have to be a people who love.

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