Sunday, June 13

Vote for Me!

So, I’m a huge scrapping nerd. I know it. But I got all excited when I saw that Pen Scrappers is giving away a Bamboo Craft Tablet. They are amazing tools, and I would LOVE to win one. I would be super honored if you would pop on over and vote on my layout:Thank You Small

The journaling reads: “These two amazing women represent the greatest goal that I have in my life: to share the love and light of Jesus Christ with youth and among families. It seems like Julie and Ashtyn aren’t exactly a huge step in that direction, but honestly these girls are some of the most amazing and fantastic people in my life. Both of them have inspired me in ways that I didn’t think possible, and they have pushed me to better myself, and help those around me I wasn’t sure I could. Ultimately, both Julie and Ashtyn inspired me to apply to seminary, and right now, while I wait for a response from admissions, they are a source of light in my life. I am so thankful to them, and all the great people that I work with and lead in ministry for creating a support system for me in a place that I call home where I don’t need to worry about asking for prayer or needing someone to talk to. Everyone here has helped me to better understand my calling in life, and the desire of my heart that is to follow wherever the Spirit calls me. Thank You!”

I guess I was feeling super sentimental when I was scrapping. Anyways, click the link below and take a quick moment to click off on the right to “Vote for This Layout”

Vote 4 me at!

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  1. Awesome layout! You've got my vote. :) Good luck!