Thursday, July 8

Project #11 – Moving Day

Here it is! The project that I have put off posting about for quite some time now. Moving day! Okay, I’m really not that excited to share this with you. Why? Well you see, like most periods of moving, this was stressful, unhealthy, and a much longer process than it should have been. I cried, I was sick, and I was just plain unhappy. Well, God has bigger plans, and this happens to be exactly where He wants me. Needless to say, I have since settled in (okay, only a little bit) and I’m beginning to understand that He has me here for a reason. But on to the photos! Since most of you will probably never come to visit me, though I love visitors, I will show you around. This is my living room….DSC01244DSC01246Heehee, I love this little shelving “nook” that most other people think is ridiculous. I have my living room set up COMPLETELY different from the way Garrett had his, but it’s mostly because I knew that I wanted to have access to those shelves. They are the perfect cubbies for all my crafting supplies. And yes, I have a dresser in my living room. It holds my sewing projects, scraps, and supplies, as well as all my excess fabric. I LOVE it.  DSC01243

Okay, so there’s some discrepancy there. My living room is actually much tinier than my last apartment. Whoops. Too much stuff, too little space. I’m learning here, people. I just need to figure out how to use all the spaces effectively, then all the random crap you see in the photos will find a nice home, and I’ll be able to sit in my papasan!


My not so spectacular dining room. Again, very tiny. But it’s about the same size as the last place, so I didn’t have to worry much. I would show you the kitchen, but I didn’t feel like doing the dishes when I took photos, so no kitchen for you. Maybe later. I have made an addition to the dining room, and you’ll just have to wait and see it in a later update!


This is possibly my most favorite space in the apartment. No, I’m not that terribly vain, I just really love the awesome organization that I have in my bathroom, and the organized cleanly-chaos of it all. I especially love having a place for my necklaces where they’re not getting tangled with anything at all. I keep my earrings (that I wear much less often than necklaces) hiding in my bedroom, which because it was the major unloading zone for my stuff is not making an appearance.  So this is my apartment! Glad you could stop by :)

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