Tuesday, June 8

Dozens and Dozens and Dozens – Project #13

Ignore my out of order posting, I just can’t put this off any more!

The power that God has to move is amazing! On Saturday, May 1, while I should have been study, study, studying, I was sewing my fingers off! Julie had mentioned that she was going to participate in the Dozens of Dresses in a Day event at First Lutheran, and I said I would come and help her out with the sewing. Well, take a look at what was accomplished….


And that is just a VERY small portion of what was finished! Overall, over 120 dresses were made for Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center. When Carol said we might have made too many, she was assured that extras would be going to other places that needed them as well! The turn out for the day was amazing, and it was great to see a community come together, regardless of religion, age, or gender, to do something for someone who needs it!DSC01102-1

DSC01100-1Julie is the ironing queen, by the way!  And don’t you come near that board if you aren’t going to do something helpful, she is not afraid to use that iron!

  DSC01121Altogether, Julie and I made seven dresses in just a few hours by keeping me in front of the machine, and sending her to iron, get trims, etc.  It was an amazing experience and if you want to read more about the event, the organization, or you want to make a donation, feel free to check out the Worldwide Villages site for more photos and the opportunity to give!


  1. Great post! Those dresses are adorable, and perfect for the climate in Haiti!

    I also LOVE your blog design! Fabulous!


  2. What a wonderful time that must have been! I love to sew too; how much more enjoyable it is to sew knowing the recipient will be so thrilled. Blessings! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  3. I am amazed! Love the dresses, determination and working together for a great cause !

  4. Oh how awesome! My heart was so moved as to what happened to these people that already had nothing. Now really had nothing. I've connected with a midwife missionary and am making blankets for her to take with her. Can you imagine having a baby, but not having anything for it? Like you said though, God moves in awesome ways!