Monday, June 7

Project #7 – Skirting the Edges

So this project came sort of out of left field for me… A good friend of mine came to me a few weeks before Easter desperate for something to wear on the holiday that would match the rest of her family. We went to good ‘ole Wally world in search of a pattern and fabrics that would look good on her. And so we found her favorite color, of course! PURPLE! Then we paired it with a dark navy blue so she wouldn’t look like a plum, or a lilac, and got to sewing!

Unfortunately, I don’t have more photos, but I do have this charming photo of her fantastic fam-alam-ily!


Aren’t they precious!? Okay, no more embarrassing them. Julie made the decision to go for navy and purple all around, but they look so good! AND… El is wearing a dress! Holy cow. That’s all that I have to say about that, especially when she normally looks like this…


Note the sport shirt, sport pants, and if you could see them tennis shoes….

I digress! The skirt was quite the process, but in the end I think it turned out okay. The zipper took forever and a day to get it right, but I was very happy with it once it was finished! We followed the pattern to almost a T, with some minor shortcuts that seemed unnecessary or irrelevant because of the fabric. We used patter 6899 from New Look by Simplicity for the skirt, and I was honestly surprised how straight forward the instructions were.


There were a few ambiguous parts (welcome to using a pattern) but all in all, it was general skirt construction. We really liked all the different varieties of skirts, as well as lengths, so we kind of played, and played some more, and fitted, and refitted both the skirt and the pattern to the lovely Julie, and we came up with amazing awesomeness. I wish I had more photos, but I guess this just means that I will need to sucker Jules into putting the skirt on again someday for photo lovelies. Until later….

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